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What Moms Should Know Before Labor

When you are about to become a mom, it can be hard to navigate the confusing processes that accompany this new stage in your life. We’ve seen it every year from the more than 1,000 pregnant moms who receive prenatal care at Mary’s Center. The arrival of their new baby is filled with excitement, and yet, there is also so much anxiety, fear, and uncertainty. To mitigate these feelings, every quarter, we invite our moms-to-be who are in their last trimester to our Educational Baby Shower.

Why Mary's Center is one of the Washington Post's Top Workplaces...Again!

Back in 2016, Mary’s Center joined some of the top workplaces in the Washington, DC metro area and was recognized as one of the top employers in the region. I had only been at Mary’s Center a little over year and I was, admittedly, taken aback by that achievement. Not because I didn’t believe we deserved it. In fact, I knew from the moment I walked through our doors that we were different. That we had that special something that most companies didn’t have. Even with those intangibles, it’s hard.

Mary’s Center’s Taste of Adams Morgan: Meet Nicecream

by Antonio Caro

Sandra Tran and Gil Welsford (pictured above), owners of Nicecream, bring an innovative twist to traditional ice cream making. Their commimtent to community and creativity makes the Nicecream team an exciting addition to Mary's Center's 7th Annual Taste of Adams Morgan.



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