Supporter Spotlight: Greater DC Diaper Bank

Supporter Spotlight: Greater DC Diaper Bank

Mary’s Center is dedicated to providing comprehensive care to participants in every aspect of their lives. To help ensure that our participants are on a path towards good health, stability, and economic independence, we rely on strong partnerships with organizations throughout the region, including many local nonprofits. One of these nonprofits that we are proud to partner with is the Greater DC Diaper Bank (GDCDB). Since 2013, Mary’s Center has proudly collaborated with GDCDB, benefiting from their donations of diapers and essential hygiene items, which our staff distributes to Mary’s Center participants.

The Greater DC Diaper Bank is a prominent organization serving the DMV area by providing basic baby necessities and personal hygiene supplies. As one of the largest diaper banks in the country, GDCDB received 11 million diapers in 2022 and reached over 32,000 families in the area. With the generous contributions from various donors, GDCDB collects diapers and other baby supplies, distributing them to social service organizations like Mary’s Center. This enables Mary’s Center to effectively provide essential baby and hygiene items to the low-income families we serve.

Fernanda Ruiz, Mary’s Center’s Director of Home Visiting, expresses her gratitude of our partnership with GDCDB, stating, “To have that continuous support is great, and even a small contribution like one or two packets of diapers is helpful because families go through so many diapers, and their finances are so stretched thin that even that is a huge help.”

GDCDB’s support extends beyond diapers. They also maintain a pantry of additional supplies such as baby wipes and formula, which Mary’s Center has access to. This collaboration allows Mary’s Center to focus on the families we serve, knowing that they have a reliable source for these vital resources. Since partnering with GDCDB, Mary’s Center has received a remarkable total of 542,943 diapers, as well as over $52,983 worth of adult hygiene and essential baby items. These contributions have greatly enhanced the services provided by Mary’s Center, benefiting the Home Visiting program, Centering Pregnancy and the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC).

The partnership with GDCDB has proven to be invaluable for Mary’s Center and the families we support. Notably, the accessibility and low-barrier nature of the support provided by GDCDB have been very beneficial. Families in need do not have to demonstrate proof of their circumstances, ensuring that assistance is readily available to those who require it. This inclusive approach exemplifies the GDCDB’s commitment to serving the DMV community and ensuring that every family has access to essential resources.

GDCDB Interim Executive Director Jacquelyn Lendsey says of the partnership, “We are so honored to be able to work with and have such longstanding partnerships with incredible organizations like Mary’s Center around the region. By providing a reliable source of diapers and other hygiene supplies, the staff at Mary’s Center are able to focus their efforts and expertise on direct services for families. In addition, families are incentivized to participate in their programs, knowing that their case manager will show up to their door with diapers or formula, or that by attending their Centering Pregnancy classes they will be able to receive higher-cost essentials like strollers and car seats. By working together, Mary’s Center and our other partners are able to provide more comprehensive care for families, which is really the ultimate goal – for all families to have access to what they need.”

Through our collaboration with the Greater DC Diaper Bank, Mary’s Center can continue to make a positive impact in the lives of countless families. Our partnership not only addresses the immediate needs of families by supplying diapers and hygiene items, but also fosters a sense of support and care within our communities.