Giving During a Pandemic: Meet Trudi Davis

Giving During a Pandemic: Meet Trudi Davis

By Paige Warner, Donor Relations Associate  

Trudi Davis, a freelance writer and longtime Adams Morgan resident, was familiar with Mary’s Center’s work. But as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, she developed a new level of respect and admiration for the tireless support and services we provide to the DC community.  

It started with a check.  

Back in June, Trudi was surprised when she received a stimulus check from the U.S. government. Although torn about accepting this unexpected funding, she only briefly contemplated what to do with it. She was determined to reinvest in her community. “It felt right to be sharing this with others and giving it to those who needed it most. It did not take any convincing. I knew it was the right decision. 

Having lived in Adams Morgan for years, Trudi respected the important health care and social support Mary’s Center provides to the community. But she had to be sure that she was donating to the right organization. After conversations with friends about Mary’s Center and doing some additional research, Trudi knew that contributing the full amount of her stimulus check to the Center would save lives during this pandemic. She felt confident that her gift would be used and valued through supporting essential frontline work, including widespread coronavirus testing and meal support for staff, and providing emergency care.  

Trudi Davis is a proud Mary’s Center Supporter.

Finding a stronger sense of community.  

Trudi’s donation came from the heart. She recognized Mary’s Center’s vital work in supporting her community’s health and well-being, especially during such challenging times. While the past several months have proven difficult and, at times, very lonely for Trudi, she is honored to be part of the Mary’s Center network. “Mary’s Center is a beacon of light in a sea of despair,” said Trudi. By sharing Mary’s Center’s work, she hopes that others will be inspired to give back.  

Her engagement in our work is keeping her energized and stimulated during a time of isolation. The selflessness and generosity represented by Trudi’s recent support is the kind of positivity and enrichment our community needs now.  

Here at Mary’s Center, we are incredibly grateful for amazing neighbors like Trudi and many others who have supported us through the donation of their stimulus check. However, that is just one of many generous ways to support our work 

Here are additional ways you can get involved:  

  • Help our hardworking yet under-resourced families make it through this crisis by buying urgently needed supplies from our Amazon Charity List.  
  • Donate essential personal protective equipment (PPE) for our frontline medical staff to continue caring for our patients.  
  • Support us by committing to a monthly gift or participating in the Pandemic Recovery campaign for our upcoming Virtual Gala.