Bringing Mary’s Center to Your Home: Meet Your Gala Co-Chairs

Bringing Mary’s Center to Your Home: Meet Your Gala Co-Chairs

By Antonio Caro, Development Officer

Passionate, invested, energetic, caring, and the list goes on when describing the commitment Brandon Clay, Director at Tiffany & Co, and Wayne Fortune, Vice President and Senior Client Advisor Wealth Management at PNC, share in creating pathways to healthier futures. “Mary’s Center is our community,” said Brandon. “Many don’t realize that you can make a difference in the lives of people that are living near you. Mary’s Center brings people from different backgrounds together under a shared vision of quality, accessible care, and opportunity.”

Pictured from left to right: Brandon Clay and Wayne Fortune, Virtual #MCGala Co-Chairs

This year, Mary’s Center is excited to have Brandon and Wayne co-chair our first ever Virtual Gala. Bringing their brand of creativity, leadership, and, of course, loads of fun to this year’s virtual event, they share a clear vision: help Mary’s Center raise the funds needed to continue offering essential services to over 60,000 individuals throughout the region.

Their efforts are especially important this year. As the nation continues to heal and rebuild from the devastating blows of COVID-19, Brandon and Wayne are strengthening Mary’s Center’s efforts to stay at the forefront of testing and tracking, as well as future vaccination campaigns that must be conducted at the community level. By engaging their networks of business leaders, fashion icons, and local advocates, they are taking Mary’s Center’s unique approach to care into the homes of new audiences.

They also developed this year’s Virtual Gala theme: 2020 Vision. “It started when we were asked to co-chair,” said Wayne. “With two people, you think about double vision. But you’re not seeing double. Mary Center has never had a clearer vision of what they are trying to accomplish than now. They have the perfect sight for the future of our community through their unique approach to care. By offering a wide variety of services beyond basic healthcare, the organization takes a goal-based approach to develop the entire family. From mental health support to education and workforce development, thousands of families can gain the opportunity to become prosperous, achieve their goals, and gain a clear 20/20 vision for their future.”

Going virtual with positivity and style.

For the health and safety of all involved, Mary’s Center decided to make the gala virtual. “We started the year with a vision of 2020,” said Brandon. “Although circumstances changed due to this pandemic, our goal stayed the same. The clarity of our vision and strength of the mission is still there; we are just taking a different path to get there.” Thanks to their tireless efforts, this year’s event will be filled with creativity, entertainment, and inspirational stories. From an interactive live and silent auction to a virtual cocktail class and post-event performance, the Virtual Gala will be exciting, engaging, and mission-focused.

“We hope this event inspires others to support Mary’s Center’s mission in ensuring that access to quality care remains a reality. Our goal is to raise enough funds to increase the Center’s impact through the expansion of their transformative healthcare, education, and social services.”

We are grateful for Brandon and Wayne’s leadership and support. In addition to the countless hours they have invested in Gala planning, they are also corporate supporters. Both Tiffany & Co and PNC Bank are proud sponsors of this year’s Virtual Gala. Celebrate the night away by joining our wonderful co-chairs on Friday, October 16 starting at 7:00 pm. Register for free at