Mary’s Center’s Pharmacy: A Participant-Centered Approach to Medication Management

Mary’s Center’s Pharmacy: A Participant-Centered Approach to Medication Management

Access to quality healthcare services is our highest priority at Mary’s Center. To meet the evolving needs of our participants, our pharmacy, located at our Petworth clinic in Ward 4, takes a participant-centered approach that prioritizes convenience, communication, and affordability.  

At our participant-only pharmacy, in partnership with Maxor, the traditional barriers between pharmacists and doctors are broken down. Our pharmacy can directly collaborate with providers to ensure optimal patient care. This allows for real-time medication adjustments and clarifications which improves patient outcomes and ensures timely continuation of care. By integrating the pharmacy within our clinic, participants can conveniently pick up their medications as they leave their provider’s office, saving valuable time and effort in managing their medications. 

Recognizing the challenges faced by participants with limited mobility, lack of transportation, or those residing in remote areas, our pharmacy goes the extra mile by offering free delivery services in DC and Maryland, thus eliminating the need for unnecessary travel, and enhancing medication adherence.  

We know that affordability is a key concern for many participants, especially those with chronic conditions requiring long-term medication use. By participating in the 340B program, which is a program that allows participants without insurance to access medications at significantly discounted prices, we help our community members save money while receiving high-quality pharmaceutical care. 

Our pharmacy has revolutionized the way healthcare services are delivered and has allowed Mary’s Center to make the entire experience more manageable and effective while embracing a participant-centered model that prioritizes convenience and affordability for optimal health outcomes. 

We invite our participants to use Mary’s Center pharmacy and bypass the multiple barriers to getting reliable, affordable, and accessible medications all year round.