National Diabetes Awareness Month 2023 Presented by Labcorp

National Diabetes Awareness Month 2023 Presented by Labcorp

This November, Mary’s Center is excited to partner with Labcorp as our Corporate Partner of the Month during National Diabetes Month.  Strengthening our communities is a priority for both Mary’s Center and Labcorp, which is why we are committed to bringing awareness to National Diabetes Month.

The number of people with diabetes in America has grown at an alarming rate, affecting communities across the country . According to the CDC, between 2015 and 2030, the prevalence of diabetes will increase by 54%, affecting more than 54.9 million Americans. With Labcorp’s generosity, Mary’s Center hopes to not only improve access to healthcare for people with diabetes but also inform the general public about diabetes prevention, especially for individuals who may have diabetes risk factors. We offer a comprehensive approach to diabetes, including educating the community on the diabetes epidemic, as well as working with current participants to raise awareness of symptoms and promote healthy living.

For our participants living with diabetes, Mary’s Center offers a team of clinicians and other experts to help maintain their physical and emotional wellbeing. One of the most important aspects to our approach to diabetes care is through nutrition education. Rosa Goyes, Director of Community Health Education at Mary’s Center, expressed how critical it is for our participants with diabetes to develop an understanding of how they can adapt their lifestyle to manage their health condition.

Furthermore, Mary’s Center provides medical care to individuals living with diabetes and those with high risk factors for diabetes. With the help of Labcorp, we offer preventative health screenings for diabetes, as well as frequent testing for those living with diabetes. We utilize Labcorp technology at all Mary’s Center sites for our testing needs. Our partnership with Labcorp gives us the opportunity to ensure our participants have access to this critical testing.

While diabetes can affect people of all ages, it is especially prevalent among older adults who experience it at higher rates.  With support from partners like LabCorp, Mary’s Center can address the unique needs of our older adult participants. Dr. Laura Blinkhorn , Family Physician/Geriatrician, said, “We have a multidisciplinary approach, so we help manage complex older adults with diabetes. I think we are lucky because we have different programs, so we are able to not only get people food but also able to give them a health coach and individualize their treatment plan.” One of the ways we provide nutrition for our participants is through our Eat Well, Live Better! Senior Nutrition Program. This program offers home care, along with the delivery of nutritious grocery boxes to low-income, older adults with chronic health conditions such as diabetes. As of last year, we have delivered 8,000 nutrition boxes to 600 homes in need.

We are very thankful for Labcorp’s longstanding partnership and continued investment in our mission.