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3/3/2023 – El Tiempo Latino

Directora médica de Mary’s Center: “Siempre he sido una defensora de la salud pública”

12/31/2022 – New York Times

Their Mothers Were Teenagers. They Didn’t Want That for Themselves.

12/20/2022 – WPFW

Something to Say with Mazi Mutafa and Patrick Washington

12/5/2022 – The Senior Zone

Common Disabilities As We Age

12/2/2022 – NBC

Flu hospitalization rate nearly doubled during Thanksgiving week, CDC reports

11/11/2022 – NBC

Why is RSV so dangerous for some young children but not others?

11/7/2022 – The Senior Zone

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body

10/17/2022 – The Senior Zone

COVID-19 Booster Shots

10/11/2022 – NBC4

Nonprofit Helps Women in Need Get Mammograms

10/5/2022 – Telemundo Washington DC (44)

‘Sin importar su habilidad de pagar’: programa ayuda a pacientes de escasos recursos con cáncer de seno

9/23/2022 – El Tiempo Latino

En DC las enfermeras visitan en casa a las embarazadas

9/12/2022 – The Senior Zone

Accessing Food Resources

9/8/2022 – Telemundo Washington DC (44)

Visitas a Casa: Programa de asistencia a madres primerizas en DC

9/1/2022 – Hola Cultura

The Climate Divide: El calor y la desigualdad en Washington DC

8/26/2022 – Reuters

Migrants bused to U.S. capital from Texas struggle to secure housing, medical care

8/23/2022 – El Tiempo Latino

DC tiene un plan piloto a favor de sus dientes

8/22/2022 – The Senior Zone

Teeth, Gums & Seniors

8/13/2022 – WUSA9

Back-to-school immunization requirements, resources across the DMV

8/10/2022 – The Washington Informer

OSSE Lowers Age Mandates for COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements

8/6/2022 – Así es mi Gente TV

11° Festival día del salvadoreño Americano

8/5/2022 – Univision

La Casa Blanca realiza una jornada especial de vacunación contra el coronavirus en Prince George’s

8/5/2022 – RadioAmerica

En Sintonía con el Concejo junto a Marcela Rodríguez Villagrán: los nuevos criterios de elegibilidad de las vacunas contra el coronavirus

8/5/2022 – DCist

As The School Year Looms, D.C. Scrambles To Get Students Caught Up On Routine Vaccinations

8/2/2022 – Forest Hills Connection

A Ward 3 guide to back-to-school immunizations

8/1/2022 – The Beacon

Congratulations to the Bernice Fonteneau Senior Wellness Center – 2022 Pride Makeover Winners

8/1/2022 – Bethesda Magazine

Why a longtime Bethesda restaurateur is feeding people for free

7/31/2022 – The Washington Post

D.C. schools expand covid vaccine mandate, unlike most other districts

7/28/2022 – NBC4

DC to Strictly Enforce Vaccine Requirements for Students

7/27/2022 – Government of the District of Columbia 

Mayor Bowser Encourages Families to Put Required Childhood Vaccinations on Their Back-to-School Lists 

7/27/2022 – WTOP 

DC schools ‘have every intention of enforcing’ student vaccination requirements 

7/27/2022 – ABC7  

DC ramps up outreach on required student immunizations, kids 12+ will need COVID vaccine 

7/25/2022 – The Senior Zone

Importance of the Covid-19 for older adults

6/26/2022 – The Washington Post

In D.C., seniors often struggle to find food

6/24/2022 – Washington Business Journal

What the Supreme Court’s decision could mean for local health care providers

6/23/2022 – The Hill

Just get the damn shot

6/11/2022 – The Washington Post

D.C.’s Pride Parade celebrates LGBTQ community amid political uncertainty

5/26/2022 – U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Readout: HHS Leaders Host Roundtable on Maximizing Federal Resources to Strengthen Children’s Mental Health

5/25/2022 – Yahoo!

Amid ‘Youth Mental Health Crisis,’ the HHS Urges States to Do More for Kids

5/25/2022 – NBC News

Amid growing crisis, federal officials call on states to prioritize youth mental health

5/23/2022 – Univision

Las llenan con harina y las venden”: advierten a padres sobre una peligrosa estafa relacionada con la leche de formula

5/23/2022 – The Washington Post

Pfizer covid shot 80 percent effective in younger kids, early data shows

5/19/2022 – El Tiempo Latino

¿Pueden los abuelos influenciar al resto de la familia a vacunarse contra el COVID?

5/18/2022 – The Washington Post

Formula shortage is worst for low-income families, high-risk infants

5/13/2022 – The Washington Post

The D.C. region’s new covid normal: infections up, masks optional

5/12/2022 – Yahoo!

International Paper and Always® Head to Washington D.C. to Help #EndPeriodPoverty

5/11/2022 – The Washington Post

U.S. baby formula shortage leaves parents scrambling

5/10/2022 – Washington Business Journal

United, we thrive: How a D.C. nonprofit addresses health inequities

4/30/2022 – The Washington Informer

How Older Adults Can Best Protect Themselves from COVID-19

4/29/2022 – El Tiempo Latino

Se convirtió en enfermera en la Clínica Mary’s Center por  “justicia social”

4/14/2022 – Government of the District of Columbia

In Celebration of Black Maternal Health Week, Mayor Bowser Announces 2022 National Maternal and Infant Health Summit to Take Place on September 15

4/12/2022 – DCist

9:30 Club, Other I.M.P. Music Venues Drop Vaccine Requirements

4/11/2022 – Next City

Low-Income Students Need More Than a Good Education

4/2/2022 – The Washington Post

Many say they’re confused about whether, when to get second booster

3/17/2022 – City Life Org

Smithsonian Collects Covid-19 Artifacts in Pandemic’s Second Year

3/10/2022 – Latino Health Initiative

Todo lo que debes saber sobre: Vacuna Pediátrica COVID-19

2/22/2022 – Brookings Institution

5 building blocks to help achieve greater health equity

2/16/2022 – DCist

Deaths Of People Experiencing Homelessness In D.C. Dropped In 2021 After Multi-Year Rise

2/16/2022 – Washington Informer

In-School Clinicians Explain How They Address Student Trauma

2/14/2022 – Kaiser Health News

Covid Precautions Are Part of Hispanic Community’s Efforts to Tend to Community Good

2/8/2022 – National Black Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees

Black History Month Opening Ceremony

2/7/2022 – Advisory Board

Charted: What parents think about Covid-19 vaccines

2/4/2022 – El Tiempo Latino

COVID-19: la vacuna será obligatoria en las escuelas de DC

2/2/2022 – The Washington Post

Coronavirus vaccination may soon be available for children younger than 5, prompting elation and questions

2/2/2022 – Montgomery County Media

Mujeres Embarazadas en Riesgo si no se Aplican la Vacuna Covid-19 Advierten Expertos

2/2/2022 – Healio

Physicians struggle against omicron surge, confusing guidelines and limited resources

1/26/2022 – District of Columbia Hospital Association

COVID-19 Vaccination Virtual Town Hall

1/21/2022 – DCW50

Local restaurant gives back to non-profit after hosting vaccine themed brunch

1/18/2022 – NPR

Workers are calling out sick in droves, leaving employers scrambling

1/15/2022 – Associated Press

Second gentleman Emhoff acts as public link to White House

1/12/2022 – NBC4

Immigrant Foods Hosts Vaccine-Themed Brunch

1/7/2022 – Washington Business Journal

Mary’s Center has a new CEO for the first time in 33 years. Here’s how he plans to continue its founder’s legacy.

1/6/2022 – Scientific American

How Communication Around COVID Fuels a Mistrust of Science

1/3/2022 – Washington Business Journal

Omicron surge vs. staffing shortage: Amid competing pressures, health systems step up vaccine mandates