Advocacy is an important part of Mary’s Center’s mission as it helps us preserve and improve health, education, and economic opportunities for thousands of residents of the DC metropolitan region just like you. During our more than 30 years of service, we have developed a strong understanding of the needs and challenges our community faces when they seek medical care, education, and social services, and we remain committed to helping them overcome these challenges. 

As part of our strong advocacy work, we make it a priority to share our voice at City Council in the District of Columbia, as well as in Montgomery County and Prince George’s County in Maryland. We also provide testimonials to Congress and at other high profile and community meetings. Our advocacy efforts include: 

  • Educating and informing federal, state, and local legislators on the real, tangible impact of community programs and needs 
  • Developing campaigns to raise awareness about community issues and resources available 
  • Participating in local and national advocacy groups  
  • Providing expert testimonies at public and oversight committee hearings 
  • Participating in panel discussions on a variety of public health, education, and social issues 
  • Media outreach  

To see examples of our community advocacy work, read through some of the testimonies below.