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  • Mary's Center Pharmacy - Coming Soon!

    This summer, Mary's Center will be opening an in-house pharmacy, giving our participants an easy and convenient way to get their prescriptions filled before leaving the clinic. Our pharmacy will also offer other advantages, including affordability and the option of home delivery.

  • Veterans and Active Duty Military Welcome

    We thank you for your service and for the sacrifices you and your family have made to protect our country and our freedom. Now it’s our turn to protect you and your health. We accept most insurance plans, including TRICARE.

14 August 2017

Maria Paige (Mary's Center's Addiction Specialist-Care Coordinator) and Mengist Mesfin, a local pharmacist who has worked closely with Mary’s Center to support the success of participants in our Medication Assisted Treatment program.

Mary’s Center’s...

26 June 2017

AmeriHealth Partnership Enables Mary’s Center to Provide Telemedicine Services.


18 August 2017

Did you know that 1 in 2 adults in the United States has a chronic disease such as hypertension and diabetes? Even more alarming is the fact that 1 in 4 adults has two or more chronic diseases.

18 August 2017

Did you know that 25-30% of new prescriptions never get filled? Not surprisingly, this results in poor outcomes for patients.




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