health care,
education and
social services

health care,
education  and
social services

  • Participate In Our Annual Golf Classic

    Spend a day on the greens and raise critcally-needed funds for Mary's Center's life-changing healthcare, education and social support programs!

  • Veterans and Active Duty Military Welcome

    We thank you for your service and for the sacrifices you and your family have made to protect our country and our freedom. Now it’s our turn to protect you and your health. We accept most insurance plans, including TRICARE.

  • Current Events Affecting Our Children

    The changing political climate is putting an unprecedented burden on the vulnerable children Mary’s Center serves, children who already struggle with a myriad of challenges, including eating disorders, attention deficit disorder, depression and constant fear of being homeless. 

13 February 2017

Mary’s Center’s President and CEO Maria Gomez was one of 10 heroes selected by United Way Worldwide  to be featured in The Hero Effect, an uplifting ...

10 February 2017

On February 4, World Cancer Day, we reflected on the brave participants who’ve been through our cancer treatment program, their struggles but also their determination and positive attitude in their effort to get back on their feet. Maria is one of them.

Maria’s journey with Mary’s Center...

22 March 2017

Looking for efficient, high-quality medical care and a way to give back?

Meet Dari, who found both at Mary’s Center.

17 March 2017

We could not do it alone! Mary's Center’s continued success is in great part because of our ability to build great community focused partnerships.




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