Richard Gesker

Title: Executive Vice President of Dental Services

Education: Temple University School of Dentistry

Dr. Gesker established Mary’s Center dental program from 2010-2018, combining three distinct operational theories, using the best practices of each: (1) a military, data-driven, high-volume and safety protocol-driven office, (2) a technology-intensive private-practice staff-driven model of financial accountability, and (3) a public health social-responsibly model allowing access and discounted dental care for everyone who is fully integrated into the Mary’s Center health home. This hybrid dental model allows us to fulfill our mission at Mary’s Center while simultaneously allowing for self-sustainability in serving the underinsured and uninsured.

Dr. Richard Gesker rejoins Mary’s Center after acquiring additional dental industry experience and insight while serving as the Chief Dental Officer at UnitedHealthcare and the Director of Professional Development with Dental Associates of Wisconsin.  This is in addition to other leadership roles with the country’s largest Dental Services Organizations (DSOs) throughout his career, and a tour as a Lieutenant Dentist in the Navy. He has extensive experience as a practicing clinician and has proven success in developing clinical protocols, quality initiatives, and team leadership for multi-office and strategic initiatives.

Dr. Gesker graduated from Temple University School of Dentistry and Temple University School of Business in 2003. To aid his most dire patients in need of dental care, Dr. Rich Gesker obtained his DOCS Fellowship in Oral Conscious Sedation to help these patients overcome their fears and anxiety while allowing the quality of care and patient experience to be exceptional. It was also during this time he began lecturing to colleagues, published articles, and taught at Temple University School of Dentistry as an adjunct faculty member. Dr. Gesker especially enjoys mentoring young doctors about practice management and career development.