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Mary's Center's Model

From Mary's Center's inception, the complex needs of our participant community steered us toward adopting a holistic, multi-pronged approach to helping individuals and families. This approach, our Social Change Model, is based on the principle that treating individuals and families for their health problems alone is insufficient to help overcome the multiple life challenges they often face. Instead, we look at all of the pressures in their lives and deliver integrated health care, education, and social support to put them on the path toward good health, stable families, and economic independence.

By taking an active role in services including adult medicine, prenatal care, family planning, English and computer literacy programs, social services, workforce development and education programs for young children, our participants are healthier and better equipped to move up the economic ladder. 

A family coming to Mary's Center typically confronts a range of obstacles that can affect its members' ability to attain well-being. That is why at Mary's Center we listen carefully and ask questions that go beyond the initial problem—typically a health issue—that has brought participants through the door. 

For instance, while offering health care to a young mother who is facing challenges, we talk to her about what's going on in her life. Does she have a supportive partner? Are family members employed? With how many people is she sharing a home? Is there any sign of domestic violence or child abuse, and if so, would she agree to a visit from a social worker in our home visitation program? We ask if she and her child would like to enroll in our family literacy classes, where they can learn English together and where she can learn to be her child's first and best teacher. We discuss whether she thinks her younger brother, who is starting to get involved with gangs, would like to join our teen program, which has a strong record of helping adolescents make better life choices. Maybe her sister, whose tooth ache is causing her to miss work, would like to use our dental services?    

Once we've assessed our participants' needs, we create a custom prescription of services to help them find solutions to their life problems. These prescriptions include our own wide range of services and programs as well as other community resources such as housing, jobs, and additional education opportunities. 

Our president and CEO, Maria Gomez, explains our model on this video.

To learn about our outcomes, click here.

Transforming lives is what Mary's Center is all about!


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