Mary’s Center Provides Healthcare, Confidence…and a New Career

Mulu, her husband and their two month-old baby moved to Washington DC in 2005, fleeing political upheaval in Ethiopia. Without family nearby or money, she didn’t know where to turn when her son developed an infection. Fortunately, some members of the Ethiopian community pointed her to Mary’s Center for help. One of our pediatricians treated her son and gave him the vaccinations he needed.

Debra’s Journey to Recovery

Debra’s eyes sparkle with excitement. She has just heard that she will be able to move into her own room at a shelter in Washington, DC. She is also looking forward to starting her new job as a peer counselor at the DC Department of Behavioral Health. In addition, she is glad to be on the path to recovery, after years of heroin addiction. “I am so happy today, because I am on the other side. I feel like a human being. As an addict I was among the dead. It was darkness. Now I see the light!” she says.



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