Mary’s Center understands that while pregnancy is an exciting time, it can also be a time filled with questions and uncertainty. We are committed to providing high-quality, equitable health care to all who come through our doors, which is the driving force behind our constant progress and innovation to ensure that YOU + BABY are happy and healthy. Our dedicated team will meet you where you are with medical, dental, and mental health care all under one roof to help you prepare for a successful pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

Models of care

Mary’s Center has different models of prenatal care to ensure that you receive quality care regardless of your schedule, location, or finances. All models include regular check-ups, evaluations, and screenings to monitor your and your baby’s health. When you and your provider meet for the initial check-up, you will determine together which of the below models best fits your lifestyle and pregnancy:

Additional resources

Mary’s Center prenatal enrollment includes an initial meeting with a family support worker who they will connect you to any of the following programs and resources you need:

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Once your baby is born, YOU + BABY have access to continuation of care at Mary’s Center, including all of the recommended primary care and pediatric goo visits.