Father-Child Program

Mary’s Center recognizes that fathers and mothers parent differently. For this reason, we created the Father-Child Program, which is designed to help men with children ages prenatal/infant to 5 develop the attitude, knowledge, and skills to become involved in and connected to their children’s lives.

The program has three main components: home visits, sports activities and quarterly fatherhood outings. During home visits, fathers receive social support, training, and advocacy services. Sports activities are designed to promote healthy habits and behaviors among fathers, while providing them with an outlet from the stress of their daily routine. Quarterly fatherhood outings are activities designed for the whole family that promote recreation, quality time, and family bonding.

The Father-Child Program also hosts community cafes for Spanish and English speakers, where we discuss topics such as: My Needs and Concerns As A Father, The Work That I Do As A Father, and My Father’s Legacy.

To learn more or to enroll, please contact:

Carlos Merchan at or (202) 729-6825

Jorge De Leon at or (202) 420-0919 

Luis Vazquez at

Social Services


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