Turning a Volunteer Experience into a Life-Long Vocation

Diane Williams began volunteering with Mary’s Center in the early 90’s. She admits she never expected much from this volunteer opportunity. But the truth is, it changed her life.

You see, Diane was interested in medical school but did not have the opportunity to pursue a medical degree in college. By volunteering at Mary’s Center, she hoped to experience what it would be like to work in a medical setting.

On her first day as a volunteer, Diane made her way down the steps into Mary’s Center’s basement office on Columbia Rd. Nervous, she didn’t think she would be of much help. But, it wasn’t long before our CEO, Maria Gomez, sat next to her and told her how much she appreciated her time.

“She was so gracious. I was so grateful for her. I got a sense that Maria valued volunteers and didn’t turn them away.”

Diane agreed to volunteer as an assistant to our medical assistants and pediatrician. She would help take blood pressure and support families with their medical visits. She enjoyed it so much, she volunteered twice a week for an entire year!

“I learned that the organization wasn’t just about providing healthcare. It was providing holistic care to help a family thrive physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I had never seen that before. I went away and said—I want to be one of those people providing care!”

Diane’s experience with Mary’s Center inspired her to return to college to pursue her true vocation: a career as a Physician’s Assistant. Before long, she began working at Welsh Mountain Medical Center in Lancaster, PA providing care to underserved communities, just like she had at Mary’s Center.

Today, Diane is happily retired after a fulfilling career at Welsh Mountain Medical Center. She is also a proud donor of Mary’s Center.

Her incredible story teaches us to never underestimate how a single volunteer experience can change your life.


On this National Volunteer Week, we want to express our most sincere gratitude to the hundreds of volunteers in our community. Your support not only makes our work possible, but also transforms the lives of hundreds of our families. Thank you!





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