DC Health Home

The Mary’s Center DC Health Homes team is here to help you manage your physical and mental health chronic conditions and create a personalized plan of care to improve health outcomes.  

Mary’s Center became a certified DC Health Homes provider in January 2016, when the Department of Health Care Finance (DHCF) launched the My DC Health Homes program to benefit Medicaid recipients.  

All DC Health Homes services are optional and will not affect your eligibility for other Medicaid services. All services are covered under Medicaid with no additional fees. 
To enroll, please contact Tara Pavao, our Health Homes Director at (202) 389-2486. Once you are enrolled, our HH team coordinates your medical and behavioral healthcare needs by pairing you with a Nurse Care Manager and a Community Support Worker. Your Nurse Care Manager and Community Support Worker will:  

  • Schedule medical and mental health appointments, send reminders, and help secure transportation. 
  • Monitor your chronic physical and mental health conditions to determine adherence to or variance from evidence-based treatment guidelines. 
  • Make sure you have the right medications and you are taking them correctly. 
  • Follow up after you are discharged from the hospital. 
  • Connect you to other community resources such as housing, food, transportation insurance re-certification, and legal assistance as needed. 
  • Provide support for you and your family on your pathway to better health. 

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We accept most insurance plans including Medicaid and Medicare. If you don’t have health insurance, we’ll help you apply for public benefits or provide care at a discount.