Adult showing child to read

Medical Outcomes

Prenatal Care Entry – 1st Trimester 67%
Birth Weight Healthy >5.5lbs 94%
Pap Smear in last 3-5 Years 74%
Immunizations Current for 3 Year Olds 98%
Diabetes Control 73%
Dental Exam And X-Rays 93%

Social Support Outcomes

Teen pregnancy avoided 100%
No cases of child abuse and neglect in Home Visiting program 99%
Postpartum care – timely for enrolled Home Visiting participants 96%

Family Literacy Outcomes

Literacy Domain of preschoolers met or exceeded for their age 100%
Reading with their children – parents reported after completing family literacy program 92%
Books in the home increased 90%
Civic participation in neighborhood, school, community and political advocacy work 89%
Employment goal obtained employment or retained or entered post-secondary education/career training 89%


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