Our Board of Directors: Our Compass

Our Board of Directors: Our Compass

The Mary’s Center Board of Directors brings a breadth of expertise to advise and support our work, representing the fields of finance, public policy, health care, philanthropy and marketing, to name a few. We are proud that 51 percent of our Board members are users of our health services. These board members help us to identify areas for improvement in our programs, while enhancing the quality and timeliness of our services for everyone that comes into our doors.


Board Members

Nina Albert (Chair)
Mervyn Alphonso (Treasurer)
Errin Green (Secretary)
Donald “Skip” Bean
Kola Garber
Clay Harris
Berta Mata

Kathy Whelpley
M. Lucero Ortiz (Secretary Emeritus)
Andrea Lindemann Gilliam (Chair Emeritus; Term ended May 2016)
Matthew Klinger (Treasurer Emeritus; Term ended September 2016)
Dave Chandrasekaran (Term ended October 2016)
Edward Mariga (Term ended September 2016)
Belen Mendoza (Term ended August 2016)


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