Annual Report

COVID-19 Response

Standing with our Community in a Crisis

Mary’s Center has been at the forefront of the DC metro area response to COVID-19, helping to reduce the burden on hospitals and flatten the curve across the region.

We have provided essential care and services to our community, from offering COVID-19 assessments and testing to identifying community resources for our most affected families. From March through August 2020, we performed over 7,750 assessments and 3,250 tests.

Simultaneously, Mary’s Center and Briya Public Charter School, our partner in education, have played a key role in advocating for cash assistance for families who didn’t qualify for the federal stimulus checks. We identified more than 1,500 families in dire need and distributed more than $2 million from local governments and generous individuals — preventing hunger, homelessness, and depression.

Additionally, our President and CEO Maria Gomez’s leadership during this crisis was recognized by local governments and health officials, who invited her to participate in the reopening taskforces of the District of Columbia and Prince George’s County to help build a safer future with more equitable, resilient, and vibrant communities.

Mary’s Center to the Rescue: A COVID-19 Story

Aida celebrated her daughter’s 7th birthday safely with family during the pandemic.

A couple months into the COVID-19 pandemic, Aida woke up with a headache and fever.

“My reaction was, ‘I’m so scared,’ because I have so many issues with my health already.”

A breast cancer survivor with diabetes and high blood pressure, Aida knew she was at risk for complications if she contracted COVID-19.

She immediately called the one person she was certain would look out for her — Dr. Hayashi, her primary care physician at Mary’s Center.

Aida first learned about Mary’s Center from a friend soon after moving to the U.S. from El Salvador 11 years ago, and she has been a patient ever since, along with her two children, sister, and mother.

When Aida was going through breast cancer treatment, enduring three surgeries in six months at the same time as her son was going off to college, she was in a dark place. “I felt like I was in a big hole,” said Aida. “It was too much to handle and my mood changed.”

Mary’s Center came to the rescue through Dr. Hayashi’s care. “He worked with me side by side, always checking in. I started to feel that one person is really paying attention to me.” Dr. Hayashi also referred Aida to a Mary’s Center nutritionist and therapist, which made a big difference.

This summer, when Aida found herself back in a frightening health situation after contracting COVID-19, Dr. Hayashi was there for her once again. He also cared for her mom when she, too, developed symptoms and tested positive.

Aida is grateful that Mary’s Center took care of her and her mother throughout their recovery so they didn’t have to go to the emergency room.

“I feel so lucky to have Mary’s Center,” said Aida. “Dr. Hayashi changed my life.”