Strategic Plan: 2021–2023

Mary’s Center must evolve with changes occurring in the health care industry, while continuing to focus on our mission, recruiting and retaining the best team members, constantly improving our quality of services and participant experience, and strengthening the financial sustainability of the organization.

In evaluating the opportunities to distinguish ourselves in the evolving healthcare arena, Mary’s Center will focus our growth plans on the following four pillars over the next two years:

Pillar 1: Elevate the Mission of Mary’s Center in the Communities It Serves

Mary’s Center must differentiate and elevate its reputation in order to continue to fulfill and build on our mission.

Pillar 2: Ensure Long-Term Financial Sustainability for Mary’s Center

Mary’s Center’s critical focus for the next 2 years is to determine a sustainable revenue model in this new environment and create financial reserves to further strengthen the organization over the long term.

Pillar 3: Deliver the Highest Quality of Participant Services and Experience

Mary’s Center provides excellent, comprehensive, culturally appropriate, and compassionate care throughout participants’ life cycles.

Pillar 4: Attract, Retain and Engage the Highest Quality Staff

Over the next 2 years, Mary’s Center will reaffirm our culture across staff and locations through clarified expectations, better tools and resources, the most advanced and affordable technology, communication systems, and collaborative opportunities.

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