The Strength To Rebuild

Meet Nicolás, the luckiest dad:

'My life has been a journey of faith, courage and unexpected blessings. I am a single father of four smart, beautiful children – the last two being twins. I am also a widower. Sadly, my wife died when my twins were born.

My wife was the pillar of my family. She was the sweetest and smartest, taking care of the kids, their homework, doctor’s appointments, and also managing our house. Before she died, I was working and taking English classes at Mary’s Center. When she died, I was lost. I had to stop working and I could not go back to school because I had to take care of the kids. I had to start over and learn what my wife did on a day-to-day basis.

Mary’s Center helped me find the strength needed to rebuild my life and take care of my family in the best way possible. The staff in the Home Visiting program oriented me on how to access much-needed services for my oldest daughter, who has autism. I learned from the providers about the medical care my children needed – from annual check-ups to vaccinations, and even what to do if a fever breaks out. The Father-Child Program taught me to identify my children’s needs and how to respond to them. I am especially thankful to them because they referred me to the Early Intervention program when they noticed that my twins were showing delays in their social and communications skills.

Today, I could not be happier. Even though life has been a little hard on me, I feel blessed for my children and what has been given to us. My kids are attending school, and I went back to work and enrolled in English classes again. I could not have done it without Mary’s Center’s Father-Child Program. I found the strength I needed to move forward and stand up for my family.”

— Nicolás (Father-Child Program Participant)

Recognizing that mothers and fathers parent differently, we created the Father-Child Program which is designed to help men develop the attitude, knowledge, and skills to become involved in and connected to their children’s lives. The Father-Child Program has three main components: home visits, sports activities, and monthly fatherhood outings. During home visits, participants receive social support and training services.

Every year, Mary’s Center Father-Child Program gives 100 strong men like Nicolás the tools needed to become even stronger fathers.  Your gift today ensures that fathers are able to provide safe, healthy, and happy lives for their families.



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