Community Health Education, Training, and Research

Mary’s Center’s Community Health Education, Training, and Research (CHETR) team was established in 2005. CHETR, formerly known as Health Promotion, has Health Educators and Licensed Nutritionists who provide our participants with health education and promotion on:

·         Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyles

·         Prevention & Management of

o   Diabetes

o   Hypertension

o   Cholesterol

o   STIs

·         Sexual Health

·         Adolescent Health

·         Family Planning

·         Asthma

·         Lead

·         HIV Navigation & Wellness

·         Breast Health

·         Cancer Navigation

·         Tobacco Cessation


CHETR develops programs that help patients understand and manage clinical diagnoses, as well as prevention activities, based on the Social Ecological Model. The premise of the Social Ecological Model (SEM) is grounded on the understanding that people and their environment influence each other. Applying this framework to behavior change interventions allows us to engage in finding solutions at individual, inter-personal, organizational, community, and society levels. The SEM, prevalent in public health program planning since the late 1970s and credited to Urie Bronfenbrenneris, is the framework followed by the Health Promotion Department within the umbrella of the Social Change Model.


The CHETR Department’s group classes/programs include:

·         Zumba

·         Yoga

·       Tae Kwon Do

·         Walking Group

·         Gardening Club

·         Cooking Matters™  

·         Unid@s por Nuestra Salud

        (United for Our Health, a monthly interactive workshop where participants learn how to optimize their health & wellbeing) 

·         HIV/AIDS Wellness Circle

·         CRECO

           (Crecimiento Colectivo, a 3-class series for parents and their preteens (10-12 years old) explaining the changes that occur during puberty)  

Using “Popular Education” tools and methods, motivational interviewing and demonstrations, the team provides tangible and realistic approaches to how participants can use prevention information on health & disease conditions and apply it to make informed decisions about their health. Mary’s Center’s Health Promotion team goes further by fiercely advocating for participants to take advantage of the spectrum of services available to them at Mary’s Center, and engaging them to be ambassadors of health within their families and communities.

For more information on any of our programs, please call us 202-420-7113.

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