A Healthy Mouth Means a Healthy You

A Healthy Mouth Means a Healthy You

By Jillian Hartman, RDH, BSDH, Dental Hygienist

Good oral health is directly related to your overall wellness. While remembering to brush your teeth twice a day might seem trivial compared to the serious health implications of COVID-19, it is still very important.

Gum disease alone is linked to heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and respiratory disease. Additionally, research provides a direct correlation between oral health conditions such as tooth decay, tooth erosion, and periodontal disease with mood conditions like anxiety, stress, loneliness, and depression—conditions worsened by the fear of getting sick, quarantine, and loss of employment.

A healthy mouth will bolster your health and improve your resistance to diseases like COVID-19.

Follow these preventive care steps to ensure healthy teeth and gums:

  • Brush and floss your teeth twice a day to prevent plaque and tarter build-up on teeth that lead to disease and decay.
  • Use toothpaste or mouthwash that contains fluoride, which prevents cavities, or request a fluoride treatment during your dental visit.
  • Eat a healthy diet low in sugar, and limit or eliminate tobacco and alcohol use.
  • Continue to visit your dental practitioner every six months for a dental check-up and cleaning. Dental cleanings may feel invasive or uncomfortable, but they can prevent conditions that require much more painful and extensive dental work. You can also ask your dentist about sealants to protect against cavities.

Mary’s Center is here to safely serve all your dental needs.

Our dental team has closely monitored the pandemic and adjusted our dental services to keep everyone safe and healthy. We are offering virtual phone and video dental appointments for care that is not urgent, and in-person care is available by appointment at our Fort Totten and Petworth health centers, as well as our newly opened dental suite at our Silver Spring health center.

Our dental team is taking all necessary precautions, keeping staff equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE) like face shields and N95 masks, in addition to gloves, goggles, and isolation medical gowns. We also installed air filtration systems in several clinic operatories.

For your safety, we are screening everyone at the door for potential exposure or COVID-19 symptoms, and we are limiting the number of people in the clinic. Adult patients must access the dental clinic alone, and children and others who require assistance may be accompanied by one other person.

As our community manages this new virus, remember to wash your hands frequently, wear a mask, and respect social distancing. Brush daily and stay well!

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