From Patient to Provider: Sala’s Story

From Patient to Provider: Sala’s Story

Sala Muracho ready for work with full PPE at Mary’s Center’s Fort Totten dental clinic

Growing up in Ethiopia, Sala Muracho spent a lot of time at his family’s dental practice. He always dreamed of becoming a dentist when he got older, and he moved to the U.S. after college in search of more opportunities. Little did he know, he would find that opportunity at Mary’s Center.

Sala first learned about Mary’s Center in 2012 when a doctor referred him to several local dentists. Mary’s Center was the closest, so Sala made an appointment for a teeth cleaning.

“I was going to dental assistant classes at that time,” said Sala, “and I asked the dentist, Dr. Gesker, if I could come work at Mary’s Center when I finished school.” Dr. Gesker gave Sala his card and encouraged him to keep in touch.

When a job opened up in 2015, Sala came in for an interview and got an offer. After working at a private dental practice for a couple years, he liked what he saw when he transitioned to Mary’s Center.

“At Mary’s Center, we’re helping the community,” said Sala. “We treat all patients the same, including those with no insurance who can’t pay anything. They would have nowhere else to go.”

Sala also appreciated the support he received from his managers over his years at Mary’s Center. “My managers really helped me in my career path,” said Sala. “They’re very flexible and they adjusted my schedule so I could go to classes part-time.”

Earlier this year, Sala’s manager helped him apply to dental hygiene school, his next step on his journey to dental school. Three of his colleagues wrote him glowing letters of recommendation. “They’re very encouraging,” said Sala.

After all his hard work, Sala is excited to be starting dental hygiene school at Baltimore Community College this fall, and he looks forward to continuing part-time at Mary’s Center and eventually coming back full-time.

 “In a couple years I’ll be back as a dental hygienist,” said Sala, “and hopefully a couple years after that as a dentist!”