Partner Blog Posts

Partner Blog Posts


Take a look at recent partner blog posts highlighting Mary’s Center, and check back often for new links!

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7/19/2021 – Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Nurse Leader Shares Five Lessons on Breaking Down Barriers to Vaccination

6/30/2021 – UnidosUS

Our Affiliates’ role in the Latinx LGBTQ+ Fight for Equality

6/10/2021 – Hola Cultura

Mary’s Center nurses share stories from the vaccine rollout—and hopes for the future

6/8/2021 – Primary Care Coalition

Mary’s Center Turns to Trusted Telemedicine Program

5/13/2021 – eHealthDC

Meaningful Use Champion: Mary’s Center – A conversation with Elizabeth Hamilton

5/7/2021 – CareFirst

Q&A: Better Together with Mary’s Center

5/6/2021 – PRSA National Capital Chapter

Mary’s Center and PRSA NCC’s Pro Bono Committee: A Strong Partnership and Labor of Love

3/25/2021 – D.C. Policy Center

D.C. Voices: Lessons learned after a year of virtual instruction

12/30/2020 – Hola Cultura

Salud sexual en tiempos de COVID / Sexual health in times of COVID

12/3/2020 – Washington Gas

A Day of Warmth: Washington Gas Caring for our Neighbors

11/30/2020 – Hola Cultura

El aislamiento de COVID aumenta los riesgos de violencia doméstica / COVID’s isolation heightens risks of domestic violence

11/16/2020 – Hola Cultura

Cómo el estrés relacionado con COVID-19 afecta el uso de sustancias / How COVID-19-related stress impacts substance abuse

11/11/2020 – BCBS ProgressHealth

Building better lives for better health

10/1/2020 – Hola Cultura

Vacunas en estos tiempos de COVID / Vaccination in COVID times

9/22/2020 – Salud America!

Delta Dental Institute: Reflecting On Hispanic Heritage Month

9/7/2020 – Hola Cultura

Cuidando nuestra salud mental durante la pandemia de Covid-19 / Looking after our mental health during the Covid-19 pandemic

8/12/2020 – DC Health Matters

CARE FOR YOU – so you can care for others!

8/4/2020 – Hola Cultura

Ayudando a la comunidad a enfrentar la pandemia / Helping the community cope with the pandemic

7/20/2020 – Delta Dental Cares

Grantee Spotlight: COVID-19 Highlights Health Inequity in D.C. – A Q&A with Mary’s Center

5/6/2020 – National Association of Community Health Centers

Nurses Leading with Care to Create a Pathway for the Future and Leave a Legacy to Follow

5/1/2020 – Amazon Business

Mary’s Center: Delivering Comprehensive Healthcare Services to Communities in Need