Mary’s Center‘s Public Health Teaching Institute Internships

Please note that the Internship Program has closed for this semester, because we have reached the maximum number of students we are able to supervise. Please check back early in the Summer to see if applications are being accepted.


Internships provide a good career foundation, shaping students’ interests, helping them understand how their academic learning can be put into practice, and enabling them to build skills they will need to succeed in the workplace.

Mary’s Center’s Community Health Education Training and Research (CHETR) Department offers a Public Health Internships program to give undergraduate and graduate Public Health students an opportunity to apply lessons learned in the classroom to help solve real community challenges. 

We match the student’s skills, interests and area of study with available projects, meeting both the student’s needs and the needs of the organization.  We have strong local partnerships with the Schools of Public Health at the George Washington University, Georgetown University and the University Of Maryland. We have also hosted students from farther away places such as Michigan, Utah, Massachusetts, New York and Bogota, Colombia.

The minimum amount of time we require for the internship is 3-4 months. Internships can be done in the fall, spring, winter and summer.

Core Competencies

The core competencies we would like our interns to develop are:


Teamwork with Professionals in the workplace

Appreciation of Diversity and Culture


Program Planning

Increased Understanding of Public Health Biology

Systems Strengthening




Past Research Projects

Here are some of the projects they have worked on:

1.  Body Image & Sexual Behavior: Gender Differences in Body Image, Self-Esteem, and High-Risk Sexual Behavior among Teenagers, aged 13-19

By Laura Chant, Georgetown University (2017)

2. Colon Cancer Screening – A Provider Opinion Survey

By Hannah Stack-Dunnbier, Georgetown University (2017) 

3. Food, Culture, and Nutrition of Mary's Center Patients

By Jenessa Halliday, George Washington University (2016-2017)

4. Sexually Transmitted Infections and Risk Factors in the General Population at Mary's Center.

By Harriet Waldron, Franklin and Marshall College (2016)

5. Teen Confidential Health Survey: Assessing programs and services offered in effort to best meet teen needs.

By Teo Pulice, Georgetown University (2016)

6. Hypertension Project: Assess what interventions led Mary's Center Patients to significantly improve hypertension status

By Zhuyin Wang (Melogy) George Washington University (2016)

8. Understanding the HPV Vaccine and Patient Follow-Through

By Erin White, George Washington University (2016)

9. Sexually Transmitted Infections and Risk Behavior in Young Adolescents at Mary's Center 

By Jessica Carag, George Washington University

10. Spring 2015 Community Needs Assessment

By Julie Grysavage, George Washington University (2015)

11. Gestional Diabetes Project

By Katherine Schertz, Georgetown University (2014)

12. Comparison of Diabetes Treatments

By Marie DeYoung, MPH, George Washington University (2013)

13. Ryan White Grant Dental Program Survey Responses

By Erica Orsini and Marciel Rojas-Rosario

14. Pregnancy Outcomes for Hispanic Women in Washington, DC: A Comparison of the Centering Pregnancy Curriculum and Prenatal Education

By Joanna Bloomfield, George Washington University (2011)


Refllections by Past Interns

"Interning at Mary’s Center has truly been a fantastic experience, one that I would highly recommend to anyone interested in public health or research. The work was very much split between independent and collaborative work which I found to be a very good mix. One thing I really appreciated was that I was made to feel as if I was a member of the staff, even though I was only in the office several hours a week. I was given a lot of support when developing my study. Throughout the process, I received plenty of feedback, and I even had the chance to present my questionnaire to other Mary’s Center staff members for revision ideas and constructive criticism before giving my final presentation. I am very grateful to Bethlehem Muleta and everyone at Mary’s Center for providing me with this opportunity. I know I will carry the skills I have learned during this experience with me on to the next chapter of my life." 

- Georgetown University Intern

"I was able to apply and cultivate skills learned from my MPH program as well develop new ones. I had to find solutions to challenges, recruit volunteers and translate documents. I was also exposed to opportunities unrelated to my project, for example I assisted with health fairs and observed health education appointments. Overall the experience was valuable and broadened my knowledge and capabilities."

George Washington University Intern


For further information please email or apply directly by filling out this application form


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