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64 Ways To Do Good
Washingtonian Magazine

Washington, DC, December, 2008 – In tough economic times, lots of people hold on tighter to their money, cutting back on everything from lattes to charitable donations. But studies show that money can buy happiness – just not the way more people  think More >>


An Imbalance of Need and Aid
Funding, Number of Service Groups Vary in Area, Study Finds
The Washington Post

Washington, DC – November 30, 2008 - Prince George's County has more people living in poverty than any other Washington suburb, yet its charitable support system is far smaller than those in other large suburbs or the District, studies show. More >>


Adopting America's Bad Habits
Latinos' Poor Diets, Lack of Exercise Propel Social Agencies Into Action

Washington, DC — August 5, 2008 — Armed with an array of plastic eggs, grapes, broccoli and a nasty looking cross-section of an artery clogged with cholesterol, Carlos Garcia was demonstrating the hidden dangers of American cooking and eating for a group of young Hispanic mothers in Silver Spring. More >>


Mary's Center Helps Community With Health Care, Literacy


Washington, DC — December 12, 2007 — Mary’s Center helps families throughout the Washington, D.C., region with health care, education and social services. Watch >>


Who Profits from Nonprofits?

The Kojo Nnamdi Show, WAMU 88.5 FM

Washington, DC — December 12, 2007 — There are hundreds of nonprofit organizations in our area doing great work, but it can sometimes be tough to put a 'dollar value' on any group's individual impact on our lives. As many people get ready to make year-end charitable donations, Kojo explores what makes a successful high-impact nonprofit and the different ways communities are measuring the benefits. Listen >>


Site Named for New Long Branch Health Facility


Washington, DC — September 5, 2007 — Washington Adventist Hospital in Takoma Park has announced the location of a new primary care center in Long Branch in partnership with Mary’s Center for Maternal and Child Care, based in Washington, D.C. More >>


Demand for Prenatal Care for Poor Strains Localities

The Washington Post

Washington, DC — August 28, 2007 — Glenda Ordoéz gave birth to her son on a cold night in September 2005 on a wooden bench outside her basement apartment in Leesburg. More >>


Springfield Clinic Faces Imminent Shutdown

The Washington Post

Washington, DC — July 3, 2007 — A state-of-the-art clinic touted as "a bold vision" for increasing health-care access in Northern Virginia and training a much-needed workforce will probably shut down in late August amid frustration, disappointment and even anger, especially among backers who barely three years ago gave $1 million toward the project's success. More >>


The New Activist Givers

Washington, DC — June 1, 2007 — Steward Leonard Jr., chief executive of Stew Leonard's, the famous grocery store chain in Connecticut, was with his family in the Caribbean when his 2-year-old son, Stewie, drowned in the pool. ''You really are emotionally tired after such a tragedy, and you don't know what to do with this grief you have,'' says Leonard. ''My wife and I said, 'Let's create a foundation and see if we can help others.' The foundation became a way of healing for the entire family. It still is.'' More >>


Maria Gomez Wins Examiner’s Amazing Change Contest

The Examiner

Washington, DC — February 15, 2007 — Maria Gomez, two decades ago, watched scores of refugees pour into the District, fleeing a bloody civil war in El Salvador. A nurse with the city’s Department of Health, Gomez knew D.C. wasn’t equipped to handle the influx, many of whom were women seeking to earn money to send to their families back home. More >>


The Benefits of Taking Folic Acid

WAMU 88.5 FM

Washington, DC — January 2007 — Community Minute (audio) Listen >>


Maria Gomez: Local Nurse Creates Nonprofit to Make Family Services Readily Available to Region

The Examiner

Washington, DC — December 29, 2006 — Ask Maria Gomez what it takes to be a successful adult, and she’ll tell you that it takes a healthy childhood.
“As a nurse, ... I know the impact. From the moment a child is conceived, [health care] can make a world of difference,” said Gomez, who moved to the District from war-torn Colombia with her mother at the age of 11. More >>


DISTRICT BRIEFING: Mayoral Transition

The Washington Post

Washington, DC — December 16, 2006 — Mayor-elect Adrian M. Fenty has added key players to work with his transition team, including Clinton administration officials Rodney E. Slater and Togo D. West Jr. …
Fenty also tapped Peter Edelman, a Georgetown University law professor, to oversee human services; Maria S. Gomez, founder of Mary's Center for Maternal and Child Care, to oversee health issues; and Stacey D. Stewart, president and chief executive of the Fannie Mae Foundation, to oversee Fenty's 100-day planning group. More>>


Local Partnership Creates Primary Care Center

WAMU 88.5 FM

Washington, DC — December 7, 2006 — Morning Edition (audio) Listen >>


Washington Adventist, Center to Open Clinic

The Washington Post

Washington, DC — December 7, 2006 — Washington Adventist Hospital and a District-based health center plan to open a primary care clinic for low-income and uninsured families, an unusual partnership geared toward the burgeoning Latino population in Takoma Park, Langley Park and southern Silver Spring.

The Montgomery County collaboration between the hospital and Mary's Center for Maternal and Child Care is expected to serve 1,000 people in its first year. More >>


Washington Adventist, Mary’s Center Target East County in Planning a New Hospital for the Low-income and Uninsured

The Gazette

Gaithersburg, MD — December 6, 2006 — Washington Adventist Hospital has partnered with Washington, D.C.,—based Mary’s Center for Maternal and Child Care to build a new health care facility for families in eastern Montgomery County. More >>


New Health Center Planned for Montgomery County

Washington Business Journal

Washington, DC — December 5, 2007 — A D.C. health care center is linking arms with Washington Adventist Hospital to open a new location in eastern Montgomery County.

The hospital is working with Mary's Center for Maternal and Child Care, an 18-year-old organization that helps some of the city's poorest residents, to open a new primary care clinic by next spring. The groups are searching for about 6,000 to 8,000 square feet near public transportation. More >>


Mary’s Center Wins $500,000 from the Casey Foundation

The Examiner

Washington, DC — November 27, 2006 — In celebration of National Family Week, the Annie E. Casey Foundation announced the recipients of its annual “Families Count” awards.

The Baltimore-based nonprofit handed out $2 million in unrestricted funding to four nonprofits across the country, including Mary’s Center for Maternal and Child Care in the District. More >>


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