Ingrid Andersson, RN, BSN (Director of Nursing)

Ingrid Andersson has been a member of the Mary’s Center team since August 2010. She has a degree in Biology from Bowdoin College and in Nursing from John’s Hopkins University.  Prior to working at Mary’s Center, Ingrid worked as a public health nurse for the Visiting Nurse Service of New York in the Bronx and as a hospice nurse in Washington DC.  In addition to her role as Director of Nursing, Ingrid acts as an instructor and consultant to the Briya Medical Assistant Training Program. Ingrid speaks both English and Spanish.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her children, exploring the DC area, hiking, traveling, reading, and going to the beach.



Vivian Cativo, RN (Nurse Manager, Ontario Road)

Registered nurse and nurse manager of the Ontario location Vivian Cativo, specializes in Adult Medicine as well as Obstetrics and Gynecology. She also specializes in the Centering Pregnancy program. Originally from El Salvador, Ms. Cativo speaks Spanish and English. In her free time, Ms. Cativo likes to spend time with her baby granddaughter and cook for her family. Ms. Cativo says: "I've always had a passion for maternal and baby care and I really enjoy meeting with our pregnant patients to teach them about the different stages of pregnancy and all the wonderful things they can expect when their baby comes."



Ellen Evans, RN and Clinical Nurse Supervisor at Mary's CenterEllen C. Evans, RN, BSN, MHSA (Clinical Director of Telemedicine)

Ellen Evans attended the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. Nursing is a second career for her, after many years working in health policy and health-systems consulting and business development. Ms. Evans heard about Mary’s Center at a career fair when she was still a nursing student and immediately fell in love with the organization’s work. She says: “Upon visiting Mary’s Center for the first time, I knew this was where I belonged. As someone who has studied health policy for nearly 25 years, I see Mary’s Center as a shining example of something that is “right” in the U.S. healthcare system. I’m very proud to have found a home here and to be a part of the mission of Mary’s Center.” Ms. Evans enjoys outdoor activities including stand-up paddling, kayaking, biking, running, golfing and bird-watching. She especially loves walking around in the woods. I also spend a lot of time reading and watching sports (baseball, basketball, football, hockey and golf). 


Julien Guttman, RN (Director of Clinical Services)

Registered nurse Julien Guttman joined the Mary’s Center team in 2013. She received her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor in 2008 and then worked in Seattle, WA, as a Labor and Delivery Nurse. Ms. Guttman received her Master in Public Health from George Washington University in 2013, focusing on Community Oriented Primary Care. Before moving to Washington D.C. in 2011, she spent time in Nicaragua, living with a family, volunteering at a community health center, and learning to speak Spanish. Ms. Guttman believes that Mary’s Center is exactly where public health and nursing meet. She is passionate about patient engagement, population health solutions, helping others find their place and their passion at Mary’s Center. In her free time, Ms. Guttman can be found with her friends and family, on her yoga mat, or out on a hike. 


Leshia Hansen, RN, BSN, MPH

Leshia Hansen joined the Mary’s Center’s team in June 2016. She specializes in public health, patient education, and oncology. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and Biology from Kansas State University, and attended nursing school at Creighton University in Nebraska. Ms. Hansen also holds a Master’s of Public Health from George Washington University. She sees patients at our locations in Washington DC and Maryland. When she is not working, Ms. Hansen enjoys dancing, traveling and learning new things. She has just returned from serving in the Peace Corps in Cambodia and speaks fluent Khmer, Spanish and English. On working for Mary’s Center, Ms. Hansen says: “I am honored to be a part of a quality organization that really embodies the ideals of holistic and comprehensive care. I am excited about the opportunity to be involved in the lives of so many of my community members.”


Christina Kachulis, Nursing team at Mary's CenterChristina Kachulis, BSN, RN (Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Ontario)

A Registered Nurse and Clinical Nurse Coordinator at the Mary's Center site in Adams Morgan, Christina Kachulis joined our staff in March 2015. She sees adult and pediatric patients with chronic diseases. Ms. Kachulis studied at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and learned Spanish while working in Ecuador as a Peace Corps Volunteer. In her free time she enjoys traveling, experimenting with new recipes, and yoga. She recently joined the DC Triathlon Club and is excited about becoming more active and athletic. Ms. Kachulis says: “I love the wrap-around services we can provide for our patients here at Mary’s Center. It is such a unique model of care and a great team I work with!”


Dara Koppelman, RN, BSN, BA (Chief Nursing Officer)

Dara Koppelman, Chief Nursing Officer, received her nursing degree from Johns Hopkins University. She also has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Spanish from the University of Maryland, College Park. Prior to coming to Mary's Center, Dara had experience in both the hospital setting as well as the public health field, working in labor & delivery and then at a local health department doing home visits for high-risk pregnant women and children. She also spent time abroad, doing volunteer work in a community center and farmer's cooperative in Costa Rica, and studying the Spanish language in Spain. Her nursing interests include public health nursing, women's health, nursing leadership, working with underserved populations, and teaching and mentoring nursing students. Dara joined the Mary's Center team in May 2012, where she initially worked as a Nurse Manager at the Georgia Avenue clinic. Dara grew up in New York and speaks both English and Spanish. In her free time, she enjoys going to farmers' markets, doing yoga, traveling, and singing.


Jacqueline Mallet, RN (MCO Panel Manager)

Registered nurse Jacqueline Mallet specializes in Neonatal Intensive Care. She has been a member of the Mary's Center team since September 2011 and sees her patients at the Mary's Center site on Georgia Avenue in Petworth, D.C. Originally from Haiti, Ms. Mallet speaks French, Haitian Creole, English and Spanish. She received her nursing degree from Montgomery College. In her free time, she enjoys teaching her kids the value of giving [through] volunteering for Haitian non-profit organizations and Habitat for Humanity. Her other hobbies include gardening, home renovations, antiques, road trips with her kids, learning about new languages, and trying new cultural foods at cozy and quaint restaurants. Ms. Mallet says: "I love Mary's Center for many reasons but the most important to me is that we have our patient's and each other's best interest at heart. Mary's Center is the first organization where I have experienced a real family atmosphere combined with the common goal of providing the best holistic care to patients. Also, as an employee you are listened to, and in return this makes you want to give the best that you have to offer."


Benito R. Mendoza, RN (Triage Nurse)

Registered nurse Benito Mendoza is a triage nurse at Mary's Center's site on Ontario Road in Adams Morgan, D.C. Mr. Mendoza speaks English, Spanish, Guarani, Portuguese and Slovak. He received his nursing degree from Northern Essex Community College in Massachusetts. Born in Concepcion, Paraguay, Mr. Mendoza has lived in a number of countries including Grenada, Slovakia and Latvia. He has been a member of the Mary's Center team since December 2010. In his free time, Mr. Mendoza enjoys traveling and playing tennis, volleyball and soccer.



Lauren Myers-Bromwell, Clinical Nurse Coordinator at Mary's CenterLauren Myers-Bromwell, RN (Clinical Nurse Coordinator)

Lauren Myers-Bromwell has been a member of the Mary’s Center Team since October 2015. She sees patients at our location on Georgia Avenue. Ms. Myers-Bromwell attended nursing school at George Washington University and she completed her internship at George Washington University Hospital. She is a board-certified registered nurse. Ms. Myers-Bromwell enjoys music, traveling, hiking, and softball. She says, “I chose to work at Mary’s Center because it is entirely fulfilling to have the honor of working for a community health center that supports the underserved D.C. population.”


Nelsy Reyes (Triage Nurse)

Nelsy Reyes specializes in Telephone Triage Nursing, prioritizing patients’ health needs based on the severity of their condition. She joined the Mary’s Center team in October 2014 and is based at our Georgia Avenue site. Ms. Reyes has an Associates of Science in Nursing from Prince George’s Community College. Originally from Puebla, Mexico and now living in Maryland, Ms. Reyes is fluent in Spanish and English. She loves dancing, working out outdoors, and spending time with her family. Ms. Reyes says: “It’s truly an honor to work at Mary’s Center, a place that brings back the human aspect to public health, offering an array of services to the community, from education and mental health, to clinical services, and many more, all under the same roof.”


Siomara Segovia, RN, BSN (Nurse Manager, Adelphi)

Registered nurse, Siomara Segovia, sees her patients at Mary's Center's site on Flower Avenue in Silver Spring, Maryland. She received her degree from the Catholic University of Maryland and has been a member of the Mary's Center team since April 2013. Ms. Segovia speaks both Spanish and English. In her spare time, she likes to satisfy her "travel bug" through travel and enjoys activities related to the outdoors. Ms. Segovia says: "I chose Mary's Center because of the holistic approach to health. I love to work with communities and build their health and knowledge."




Katie Williams, RN, BSN, MHS (Nurse Manager, Georgia Ave)

Katie Williams joined the organization in May 2015. She brings with her international experience in program evaluation, clinical research, reproductive health, and bedside nursing. Katie is a Registered Nurse with a nursing degree from Georgetown University, in addition to a Master’s in Health Science from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and a Bachelor’s in Nutritional Science from Boston University. In her free time, Katie enjoys spending time with her infant son and family, cooking new recipes, traveling, and being outside for any reason. Katie is thrilled to serve in a position that beautifully encapsulates her educational background, her professional skills, and her passion for community health.


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