Daddy’s Girl

On Father’s Day we honor our dads or those who filled the role of dad in our lives. Lyda Vanegas, Director of Communications and Public Relations at Mary’s Center, pays tribute to her father.

My parents had five children and I am the only girl, so my dad always spoiled me and showed me great love. I celebrate my father today and also pay tribute to all the fathers whose inspiring example and hard work have shaped us and made us who we are.

As child growing up in Medellin, Colombia, I looked forward to my dad’s return from work every evening, because he would bring two chocolates from El Astor (one of the best chocolate stores in the city) for his two girls, my mom and me. That sweetness is still in my heart.

Dad always celebrated my achievements. He still has all my notebooks and report cards, from the time I was in kindergarten! He has them in boxes by year and by grade. He also has recordings of news clips from my time as a TV journalist and proudly takes them out of the box as often as he can to show my husband, my children, relatives and friends, always with the same enthusiasm.

His pride in me helped me stay out of trouble. Like any teenager, I was exposed to all kinds of temptations, but my fear of disappointing my dad or damaging his reputation was very strong and kept me on the straight and narrow.

Dad made me feel special, not just by bringing me chocolates or patting me on the back for my achievements. He gave me something more important: a listening ear. He is a great listener, and always pays attention to everything I say, whether it’s about something silly or about crucial life decisions I am wrestling with. He takes it all seriously and shows that he genuinely cares.  

My dad is soft-spoken but he is a real leader. He leads by example. I remember going to our house in the mountains and my dad would always stop the car to pick up anyone waiting along the road with huge sacks of recently-harvested fruit and coffeeto sell in the nearest town. He showed us the importance of sharing our blessings and I believe that my commitment to helping others comes from a desire to emulate my dad.

Every time we talk on the phone, I close my eyes as I say goodbye to my dad and listen to his beautiful message. He says the same message every time, but it moves me more and more as I see him aging: Adios mijita. Siga adelante. Keep up the good work, I am very proud of you, I wish you all the best, for you and your family, always. That is my dad and I am very proud of him and thankful to be able to celebrate one more Father’s Day with him.

Lyda VanegasAbout Lyda Vanegas

Lyda Vanegas holds a a Master's degree in Public Relations and Corporate Communications from Georgetown University and a BA in Social Communication and Journalism from the University of Antioquia, Colombia. She started her career in Colombia, working for news stations and television shows as a reporter, anchor, and producer. She was also executive producer at A Noticias, one of the country's leading television stations. Lyda joined the Mary’s Center  team in 2002. She conducts outreach to local and national media outlets, and works with the Development team to increase community awareness of and media exposure for Mary’s Center. She is also responsible for fostering internal and external communication and for managing Mary’s Center’s social media and website. 


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