Looking Ahead to 2017

Happy New Year from the Mary’s Center family!
As we look at the year ahead, we brace ourselves for the uncertainty of potential changes in laws and policies that directly affect Mary’s Center and our ability to care for the thousands of people who rely on public insurance programs that may be defunded. It is our promise to the individuals we serve to continue to educate lawmakers on the many ways Mary’s Center and other health centers like us, advance and empower our vulnerable neighbors.
However, we also anticipate many positives in the year ahead. We are launching new services and increasing capacity that will help our participants be healthier, pursue a more stable future, and attain their education goals. We are excited to share what Mary’s Center has in store for 2017:
  • This spring, Mary’s Center will add a pharmacy at our Petworth site, which will serve all of our locations in the District and Maryland. The affordable and convenient in-house pharmacy service will help our participants stick to their medication regimen. It will also allow for close coordination between our providers and pharmacists. 
  • Also opening in the spring is our new Kalorama Behavioral Health Center. Utilizing a section of our building in Adams Morgan, DC, we will create a dedicated 3,205 square foot space for behavioral health care. The Center will accommodate three additional therapists and meet the critical demand for our services by providing 3,139 additional encounters per year. The additional therapists and larger Parent Child Interactive Therapy space (PCIT) will enable us to help more children experiencing socio-emotional difficulties and their parents, putting them on the path to good health and success.
  • A new home in Montgomery County for expanded services. In the nine years since its opening, Mary’s Center’s Montgomery County health center at 8709 Flower Avenue in Silver Spring, MD, has become a widely popular site. The ongoing popularity and demand for our services has led to a situation whereby this location is past capacity and has difficulty keeping up with the provision of timely care. In light of this growing need, Mary’s Center is moving forward with a plan to expand our capacity and bring new services to Montgomery County in 2017.  With a funding commitment from the State of Maryland, Mary’s Center will relocate to a new location, and by doing so, will bring Mary’s Center’s full suite of services, many of which are not offered in our current space, to nearly three times as many Montgomery County residents —
                       Health Care: Adult Medicine; Pediatrics; Prenatal; Health Promotion; Dental Health; Mental Health
                       Social Services: Care Coordination; Family Support Services; Entitlement Program Enrollment Assistance; and Early Intervention services
  • Launching a new Telehealth program that will bring our providers directly into the homes of participants who frequently face challenges that prevent them from seeing their provider routinely. In partnership with Amerihealth Caritas and utilizing innovative technology, Mary’s Center will be among the first in the city to pilot virtual healthcare.  
We’ll report back to you on as these initiatives progress – every month, you’ll receive updates through “Full Circle @ Mary’s Center”, your monthly e-newsletter!  
We wish you health, peace and great success in 2017!


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