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Full STEAM Ahead!

  “People around me say that girls don’t belong in science, technology, engineering, art & design, and mathematics (STEAM) fields. I’m determined to prove them wrong.”

My name is Jennifer. I’m passionate about math, science and art. Most of all, I’m passionate about engineering. My dream is to study robotics engineering when I go to college. I’m currently a senior and I’m working hard to make my dream come true. Fortunately, my family has always been by my side, and that means the world to me.  We are a small family. Before my stepdad came into my life, it was only my mother, my brother and I. My mom serves as my biggest role model, inspiration and motivator for me to consistently create a better version of myself. 

For years, my family and I have received medical services at Mary’s Center. When I learned about the Teen Program three years ago, it was a game changer. I immediately joined the program and all the after-school activities that are planned throughout the year. The staff keeps me motivated and focused, and makes me feel smart and capable to succeed in STEAM.

Earlier this year, my mentor in the Teen Program, Lydia, talked to me about the WiSci Girls STEAM Camp. This is a unique opportunity for girls interested in these fields, as it aims to help correct the strong gender imbalance in the STEAM fields through access to education, mentorship opportunities and leadership training. 

At the beginning, I was hesitant and not sure that I was a good match. The application process was quite difficult for me because I was not confident that I had the skills needed to make it. Fortunately, my mom and Lydia were by my side and motivated me.  Lydia guided me through the whole process, answering my questions, helping with some research, and teaching me how to write an essay that would stand out and highlight my personality and drive to succeed in STEAM. 

I was one of the 100 high school girls from Chile, Mexico, Peru and United States that went to Peru last summer. It was an amazing experience. Among other things, I learned how to create apps, how to program, and how to develop websites. I also learned how to build robots – that was one of my favorite projects!

This internship confirmed my decision of going into the STEAM fields once I graduate.  I’ll be the first one in my family to go to college.

I love being part of Mary’s Center and its teen program. It feels like a community, a second family. For people my age is important to count with this type of guidance and encouragement to ensure we are on a path to success. All the time, The Mary’s Center staff are reinforcing the importance of education and the key role we, as the young generation, can play in shaping the future.  


The Mary’s Center’s Teen Program provides a safe place for young people to realize their potential by setting goals and receiving the support and resources necessary to succeed. Every year, the program engages more than 1,000 adolescents who come from challenging circumstances and are in need of a helping hand to keep them on the right path to realize their full potential. 

Your continued support allow us that hundreds of students can break the cycle of violence and poverty and follow their dreams. 

We are committed to responding to the needs of the most vulnerable communities in Montgomery County, Prince George’s County and Washington, DC. Together, we can ensure that individuals like Jennifer achieve their life’s goals and emerge as our future leaders. 



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