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Student Blossoms With Help From Mary's Center

Statistics say a lot about a program's impact. For example, Mary’s Center’s School-Based Mental Health Program (SBMH) has helped 1056 clients in 20,150 therapeutic encounters since it started in 2013. But the testimonies of the people whose lives have been changed speak volumes. Saba, a senior at Bell Multicultural High School (shown here with Mary's Center CEO, Maria  Gomez), recently shared how the SBMH program has helped her blossom.

Here are Saba’s words of appreciation, delivered at an SBMH reception:


Good Evening,             

Mentors, families, and distinguished guests.

It is an honor to speak briefly on a journey that has allowed me to transition from a season of surviving to that of thriving.


I am a flower.

I am delicate.

I am also resilient.


And as eloquently said by R.H. Sin,


“flowers are so delicate yet able to survive the harshest of conditions”


And he goes on to say,


“you’re a flower…”


And tonight, I strongly believe that we are ALL flowers: adapting, scattering, gathering, traveling, and most importantly, growing.

Often times, we tend to identify with our circumstances, but we must realize that our circumstances don't define us.  I believe that the School-Based Mental Health Program is helping students to beat those odds, by making supportive forces like my very own Rachel Osborn, equipped and accessible, to help us realize that our situations, our emotions and our weaknesses do not define us.

I actually began my journey with this program at the end of my sophomore year. Ms. O called me out of French class and began to speak to me about an all-girls anger management session. At this point I remember asking her  why, why I was being told about this program.

I was super nervous because I had gotten so familiar with suppressing my emotions that the idea of someone else SUPPORTING me in the process of slowly releasing them scared me.  Nevertheless, I joined the session and realized that I had a lot of similarities with those girls, whom I never bonded with before. I also realized the astounding trust that I had for my counselor. That was the beginning of a relationship that would carry me a long way.


Today, I am a flower.

Yesterday however, I was not blooming.

I was simply surviving.

But today, I am a flower.

And, I am flamboyant.


I’ve learned to trust this process of growth.

I’ve learned the power of wonder and discovering myself.

I’ve learned the power of the “wise mind”; recognizing my intentions and my surroundings.


Like a flower,

Despite my conditions,

I have learned to cultivate my soul, mind, and body,

So that I might thrive and not just survive.


At this moment, I would like to thank the School Based Mental Health program for supporting students like me. I hope that it expands and touches the lives of more students throughout the District. It has been a privilege.

Thank you!


Learn more about the School-Based Mental Health program.

To make an appointment with our therapists, call 202-420-7122 



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