health care,
education and
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health care,
education  and
social services

We're Expecting!

Pictured above: The Fort Totten Center, 100 Gallatin Street, NE, Arriving October 2016
Responding to the needs of the individuals and families we serve, Mary's Center has set a course to reach new communities, grow our behavioral health program, and offer new services, We are excited to use our new newsletter, "Full Circle @ Mary's Center," as well as our blogs and social media to keep you updated as we progress on this journey to unlock the Promise of Tomorrow for those who seek support to start on a path for a brighter day.  
New Comprehensive Care Center for Northeast DC Residents
Just steps from the Fort Totten Metro Station, our new 12,000 square-foot center is estimated to provide services for 15,000 adults and children each year. Highlights include:
•    Medical Care: primary, prenatal, pediatrics, geriatrics, infectious disease and other specialties.
•    Expanded dental care, with pediatric specialties, to relieve the back-log of patients waiting to be seen at our current Georgia Avenue site.
•    Behavioral Health services from our reputable team of specialists.
•    The Early Intervention and Home Visiting programs, delivered alongside much needed medical care
•    Health Education, Wellness and Nutrition Services
The center will be co-located with two public charter schools and great partners:  Briya and Bridges. Briya is our ongoing family literacy partner that delivers its successful program at our current DC locations. Bridges Public Charter School serves children in Pre K- 5th grade and is well known for their special needs curriculum.

We are taking appointments for our new Fort Totten location starting now.

Please call 1-844-796-2797 to schedule your medical or dental visit. 

Mary’s Center’s Pharmacy
In early 2017, we will add a pharmacy at our Petworth site, which will serve all of our locations. As a Community Health Center, Mary’s Center’s pharmacy will offer prescriptions as a greatly discounted rate, a benefit for our families, many of whom live on extremely limited incomes. This service will help improve patient outcomes through medication adherence and closer coordination between pharmacist and provider.
Upgrading and Expanding Behavioral Health Services in Adams Morgan
Our current behavioral health team treats hundreds of children and adults annually out of a cramped office space shared by Mary’s Center Human Resources and IT staff. Due to current space constraints we struggle to keep up with demand, and often must put patients with acute needs on a waitlist. The patients we do treat must enter therapy through common office areas, which is not desirable as most wish to keep their visits private due to stigma around seeking therapy.
This year, we have an opportunity to utilize a portion of our Adams Morgan home to create a dedicated space for behavioral health care. Our new Wellness Center will give individuals a private and dignified care experience, which we estimate allow for approximately 3,500 visits a year.
For 28 years, Mary’s Center’s holistic approach to care has helped thousands of families and individuals find the road to a better future. With your confidence and in partnership with our community, we bring these new and expanded services so that continue transforming lives in our region. With your help, we can continue building better futures in our community. Right here. Right now.  


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