Mary’s Center Celebrates Commitment to Overcoming Opioid Addiction

Maria Paige (Mary's Center's Addiction Specialist-Care Coordinator) and Mengist Mesfin, a local pharmacist who has worked closely with Mary’s Center to support the success of participants in our Medication Assisted Treatment program.

Mary’s Center’s Behavioral Health team is playing its part in the fight against the opioid epidemic ravaging our nation. The team honored participants in its Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) program during a recovery celebration held on August 4 at our headquarters in Adams Morgan, Washington, DC.

MAT combines medication and behavioral health care to help participants overcome their addiction to heroin or other opioids abuse, and find their way to freedom. Suboxone, which has been clinically proven to be safe and effective in decreasing cravings for opioids and diminishing withdrawal symptoms, is a key part of the MAT program. Equally important are the care coordination services; referrals to mental health, medical and social services; and risk reduction interventions offered by our MAT team

The recovery celebration recognized the participants for their perseverance in trying to overcome their addiction. Susan Fleischmann (Mary's Center's Senior Clinical Manager, Behavioral Health) presented certificates to honor those who have been consistently attending the program, congratulating the group for staying in treatment despite many challenges. She told them that their positive energy and commitment to recovery are what motivate her to come to work every day.   

The participants gave moving testimonies about how MAT has helped them, and how they have benefited from the support of Ms. Fleischmann, Dr. Daniel Smith (Family Medicine Provider certified in Suboxone management) and Maria Paige (Addiction Specialist-Care Coordinator).

A number of participants spoke about how MAT has helped them rebuild broken relationships. “I am getting closer to my son again,” said one man. “I saw him yesterday and we went to the basketball court and had a good time. He told me that even though I have an addiction he still loves me. I am going to keep working on it.” Another participant shared that he entered the treatment program in order to regain custody of his son.

One woman paid tribute to her Mary’s Center therapist, Elizabeth Wolfe. “I love that woman so much. Liz has seen me come so far. From being homeless and abused, I am at a different place now.” She described how she keeps herself busy by helping other people, including volunteering at a local hospice and caring for a friend of who has terminal cancer.

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