Mary's Center Launches Centering Pregnancy Program

Pregnancy can be a frightening experience for moms-to-be, especially those who lack information about the process and the support of friends who have been through it. In order to provide holistic care for the expecting moms we serve, Mary's Center recently launched the CenteringPregnancy Program. Funded by a grant from March of Dimes, Mary's Center launched its CenteringPregnancy program in October 2012.

From "CenteringPregnancy is a multifaceted model of group care that integrates the three major components of care: health assessment, education, and support, into a unified program within a group setting. Eight to twelve women with similar gestational ages meet together, learning care skills, participating in a facilitated discussion, and developing a support network with other group members. Each Pregnancy group meets for a total of 10 sessions throughout pregnancy and early postpartum. The practitioner, within the group space, completes standard physical health assessments."

The Centering Pregnancy program meets weekly for ten weeks and is coordinated by Mary's Center midwives. It has proven highly successful at our partner hospital, Providence Hospital, and Mary's Center is excited to seize this opportunity to teach women about their bodies while easing their anxiety about motherhood.


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