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health care,
education  and
social services


Debra’s Journey to Recovery

Debra’s eyes sparkle with excitement. She has just heard that she will be able to move into her own room at a shelter in Washington, DC. She is also looking forward to starting her new job as a peer counselor at the DC Department of Behavioral Health. In addition, she is glad to be on the path to recovery, after years of heroin addiction. “I am so happy today, because I am on the other side. I feel like a human being. As an addict I was among the dead. It was darkness. Now I see the light!” she says.

Mary’s Center Inaugurates New Behavioral Health Center

Mary’s Center inaugurated a new, dedicated Behavioral Health Services center on November 14, 2017, during a Grand Opening ceremony attended by high-level DC government officials and members of the veteran community.

The new 3,205-square-foot center will allow Mary’s Center to hire additional therapists and increase our capacity to provide behavioral health services by almost 3,500 visits per year.



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