Mary’s Center and Green Door Partner to Improve Access to Integrated Care for Psychiatric Patients

Mary’s Center is pleased to announce a unique partnership with Green Door, the second-largest community mental health service provider in the District of Columbia, to improve access to long-term care for psychiatric patients in the District of Columbia.

Effective May 31, 2012, Mary’s Center will assume responsibility for the operation of Green Door’s psychiatric clinic in the Georgia Ave-Petworth neighborhood of Northwest DC. With this partnership, Mary’s Center aims to increase access to a full range of psychiatric services while continuing to provide the quality of care for which Green Door has been known since 1976. Together, Mary’s Center and Green Door will continue to proactively address the growing comprehensive healthcare needs of our community.

Mary’s Center is a premier provider of primary health care at several locations in the District and Maryland. Green Door is one of the most successful programs for people with mental illness in the District of Columbia. Both agencies are certified by the DC Department of Mental Health to provide mental health services.

“The integration of primary health and mental health is a goal of the District’s Department of Mental Health,” said Steve Baron, Director of the DC Department of Mental Health. “The new arrangement between Mary’s Center and Green Door will enhance improved care of District residents served by both agencies.”

Through this partnership, Green Door clients will also benefit from integrated primary health care services provided by Mary’s Center – a known need of psychiatric patients. “I am thrilled at this opportunity for better overall health care for our clients,” stated Tim Sawina, President and CEO of Green Door. “People with mental illness have a life expectancy up to 25 years less than their peers. That is unacceptable and we can do better.”  Studies show that comprehensive care leads to better overall health outcomes for clients who struggle with mental illness.

Maria Gomez, President and CEO of Mary’s Center said: “This partnership is a model for the city – strong and seamless medical homes are vital to increasing the quality of life of every District resident including those with private, self-pay, Medicaid and Medicare insurance.”

Green Door will continue to provide its 1,800 clients with a complete array of other mental health services including community support, counseling, day programs, educational support, employment assistance and housing.

Mary’s Center serves more than 24,000 participants at two locations in the District of Columbia and two in Maryland. The Mary’s Center social change model aims to help people move up the economic ladder by keeping them healthy throughout their life cycle, supporting them in their own communities, and offering educational opportunities for both parents and children.

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