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CenteringPregnancy Program Gets The Thumbs Up!

Mary's Center has been reapproved as a CenteringPregnancy site by the Centering Healthcare Institute.

CenteringPregnancy is a group care model for  expecting moms. Six to ten pregnant women with similar gestational ages come together under the guidance of the certified nurse-midwife and assisting medical professional to meet during 10 sessions over 6 months. Centering is becoming very popular because it has led to better health outcomes and increased patient and provider satisfaction with prenatal care.

The Centering Healthcare Institute said it was impressed by the following aspects of our program:

  • Excellent outcomes and patient satisfaction;
  • Growing average group size;
  • Strong staff buy-in;
  • Strong administrative support; and
  • Effective and engaged Steering Committee and Centering Leadership Team. 

Click here to learn more about CenteringPregnancy.


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