Introducing: The Mary's Center Dental Cruiser!

What's 38 feet long, keeps your teeth clean, and blue and orange all over? The Mary's Center Dental Cruiser! And it's coming to your Prince George's County Middle School this fall!

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of United Health Foundation, the Mary's Center Dental Cruiser will begin proving pediatric dental care at four middle schools in Prince George's County, Maryland in August 2012: Charles Carrol Middle School, G. James Gohlson Middle School, Thomas Johnson Middle School, and Nicholas Orem Middle School.

The Mary's Center Dental Cruiser, which has been commissioned to increase access to dental care through detection, education, prevention, and treatment, is equipped with 3 fully operational dental chairs, 2 dental x-ray units, a self-contained sterilization area, and multiple viewing monitors for patient education. The Cruiser will be staffed with a full-time dentist, hygienist, and two dental assistants. And, our favorite part of the Mary's Center Dental Cruiser is that children can watch movies on the ceiling of the bus while their teeth are being cleaned!

View pictures of the Mary's Center Dental Cruiser on our Facebook page.

Click here to learn more about the Dental Cruiser, including how to make an appointment, insurances accepted, and more!