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08/18/2014 ABC 7 News Federal authorities say 63,000 undocumented children have come into the United States
08/14/2013 ABC7 News Health Care: D.C. Church helps residents sign up for health care
11/03/2014 ABC7 News 400 Maryland students barred over missing vaccinations
02/08/2013 Adams Morgan listserve Mayor Gray Congratulates District Residents Maria Gomez and Harris Wofford for Winning Presidential Citizens Medal
11/07/2014 Al Jazeera Immigration To America Saved This Boy's Future
07/15/2014 American Academy of Pediatrics Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders
06/03/2011 American Public Health Association Implementation of an integrated team approach to improve diabetes care by meeting medical and psycho-social needs of an immigrant population
06/26/2012 ARD Mary's Center on German TV!
10/28/2009 Association BisNow Book Signing at Mary's Center for Allison Silberburg's 'Visionaries in our Midst'
10/29/2011 Benzinga Mary's Center Health Clinics in Nation's Capital Receive Financial Injection from U.S. Bank and City First Bank of DC
03/01/2013 Berkeley Health Monthly Gomez receives Presidential Citizens Medal
02/15/2013 Berkeley Health Online Maria S. Gomez R.N., M.P.H. ’87
11/01/2011 Bethesda Magazine A Guide to Giving
11/01/2012 Bethesda Magazine The Guide to Giving
01/15/2013 Bisnow Grants for 20 Non-Profits
07/30/2013 Bisnow My Story: Maria Gomez
10/22/2013 Bisnow Happy Birthday Mary's Center
10/22/2014 Bisnow Mary's Center Gala
01/06/2015 Bisnow End-of-Year Fundraising Frenzy
12/08/2010 Nonprofits, agencies get CareFirst cash
05/18/2011 Black Women's Health Imperative Grand Opening of Mary's Center in Ward 4
10/03/2013 Bloomberg Business Week Obamacare: The User Experience
02/20/2013 Bmorenews Maria Gomez Honored by President Obama at White House
06/04/2012 Boise State Public Radio Planned Parenthood Controversy Hangs Over Komen's Fundraising Races
07/15/2015 Brookings Institution Using schools and clinics as hubs to create healthy communities: The example of Briya/Mary’s Center
06/28/2010 Business Gazette The Community Foundation Gives $6.1 Million to Nonprofits Serving Montgomery County
11/25/2011 Business Wire Mary’s Center Health Clinics in Nation’s Capital Receive Financial Injection from U.S. Bank and City First Bank of DC
05/18/2011 Capital Wire Mary’s Center Holds Grand Opening Ceremony of New Site in Ward 4
07/20/2011 Capital Wire Mary's Center to Receive 2011 Affiliate of the Year Award
10/26/2011 Capital Wire PR Mary’s Center to Announce Expansion into Prince George’s County, MD
01/19/2012 Capital Wire PR Washingtonian Magazine recognizes Maria Gomez, President and CEO of Mary’s Center, as a local hero at the 40th anniversary of the Washingtonian of the Year Awards
05/31/2012 Capital Wire PR Mary’s Center and Green Door Partner to Improve Access to Integrated Care for Psychiatric Patients
06/28/2012 Capital Wire PR Mary’s Center Celebrates Supreme Court Decision to Uphold President Obama’s Health Care Law
02/08/2013 Capital Wire PR Mary Center, President and CEO, announced as one of the 13 recipients of the 2012 Presidential Citizens Medal
03/28/2013 Capital Wire PR Mary's Center, a Renowed DC Community Organization Serving the Immigrant Population Addresses Concerns of Hyatt Hotel Workers
02/15/2013 Caracol Enfermera colombiana y maestra boricua muerta en la escuela Newtown reciben la "Medalla Presidencial"
10/28/2011 CareFirst News Mary's Center Expands into Prince George's County to Meet Critical Health Care Needs
10/08/2013 CBS Local D.C. Charities Reduce Services Amid Government Shutdown
01/10/2014 CBS News Obama lunches with O-Care recruiters
05/17/2012 Chicago Tribune More minority babies than whites in U.S.: Census Bureau
10/26/2011 CityBiz Mary's Center Expands, Upgrades DC Campus
08/27/2014 CNBC Nonprofit Hospitals' 2013 Revenue Lowest Since Recession, Report Says
02/15/2013 CNN en Espanol Maria Gomez: Dedicacion a la Comunidad
03/17/2011 Councilman David Catania Newsletter Council Confirms Five United Medical Center Board Nominees
10/09/2013 Das Erste Mediathek USA: Politische Erpressung legt Weltmacht lahm
05/17/2011 DC Action for Children A New Community Center in Ward 4
03/02/2012 DC Councilmember Jim Graham Website Bernice Fonteneau Senior Wellness Center Celebrates One Year Anniversary
07/14/2014 DC Diaper Bank DC Diaper Bank: Mary's Center
10/10/2013 DCist Health Providers, Charter School Advocates Make Plea At Gray's Capitol Press Conference
10/03/2013 DCist Over 4,000 Accounts Created on D.C. Health Link's Opening Day
08/19/2014 DCist Community Members Demand Fair Treatment For Children Fleeing Central America At White House
08/18/2014 DCist Vigil For Unaccompanied Children Arriving In D.C. Area To Be Held At White House
11/07/2014 DCist Mayor-Elect Bowser Names Former Mayors, Five Co-Chairs To Transition Team
05/19/2011 DCPCA News DCPCA Participates in the Grand Opening of Mary’s Center in Ward 4
02/23/2011 DCPCA News DCPCA Announces Opening of Mary’s Center in Ward 4
03/27/2011 Destination Casa Blanca Why Latinos are Overweight
03/21/2014 Digital Journal Two Role Models Honored with DOCS Education's 2014 Sedation Dentist of the Year Award
03/09/2015 District Chronicles New health care access expansions to help underserved
02/15/2013 EFE News Services Enfermera colombiana y maestra boricua muerta en la escuela Newtown reciben la "Medalla Presidencial"
02/17/2013 El Pais María Gómez, la activista colombiana que fue condecorada por Obama
09/08/2011 El Pregonero Del huerto al barrio!
10/22/2009 El Pregonero Preocupación por recortes a programas de violencia doméstica
07/16/2009 El Pregonero Mary’s Center cumple un año en Maryland
12/18/2013 El Pregonero Mary's Center obtiene importante premio
05/20/2011 El Tiempo Latino Instauran el Día de Mary's Center
09/02/2011 El Tiempo Latino Un Rostro Hispano de la Dura Crisis
09/16/2011 El Tiempo Latino Mary's Center Recibe Importante Donación
10/28/2011 El Tiempo Latino Más Fondos para Clínica
01/13/2012 El Tiempo Latino Para informarse sobre salud
02/15/2013 El Tiempo Latino Obama otorga Medalla de Ciudadana a latina de DC
04/12/2013 El Tiempo Latino Honor a María Gómez
12/21/2013 El Tiempo Latino Galardón para Mary’s Center
04/04/2014 El Tiempo Latino Objetivos Alcanzados
08/22/2014 El Tiempo Latino Presión Migratoria
07/10/2015 El Tiempo Latino DC: latinos contra Trump
02/15/2013 Colombiana recibe Medalla Presidencial en EE. UU.
10/26/2011 Eventos Vip Pass Noche Tropical - Mary's Center Annual Gala
10/20/2012 Eventos VIPpass Mary's Center Gala Noche Tropical
12/09/2011 EventosVIPpass Maria Gomez featured in EventosVIPpass
03/17/2011 Executive Leaders Radio Maria Gomez, leadership role through hard work and dedication
05/18/2011 : McNabb: Beck will 'do a good job' if made Redskins' starter
02/17/2015 Farmington Voice Sweet Dreamzzz carries sleep education from Farmington Hills to D.C.
11/18/2009 Fox5 News DC Rated #1 in US for STDs
06/28/2012 Fuji TV Health Care Reform in the United States
11/03/2011 Another health care option gets rolling in Adelphi
01/20/2012 Maryland providers applaud plan to cut health care disparities
02/10/2013 Georgetown Patch Two DC Residents Honored with 2012 Citizens Medal
04/02/2012 Georgetown University Alumna, Mary’s Center CEO Keynotes NHS Values Lecture
02/11/2013 Georgetown University Second Highest Presidential Civilian Honor goes to NHS Alumna
02/15/2013 Georgetown University President Obama Awards Citizens Medal To NHS Alumna
01/14/2010 Georgetown University McDonough School of Business Maria Gomez among Executives Chosen for MBA Leaders Breakfast Series
10/09/2013 Shutdown hits District health center
06/08/2011 Gold Metal Dentistry News Mary’s Center: In the heart of the capital, an enclave of excellence
07/15/2015 HealthDay Health Care Access Improves With Expansion of 'Obamacare'
10/03/2013 Hispanos con seguro médico por primera vez
06/24/2012 HRT Community Health Centers and Health Care Reform in the United States
08/29/2012 Huffington Post Government Officials Should "Think Twice Before They Slice"
10/27/2011 IDB News IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno honored at Mary’s Center’s Noche Tropical gala
01/03/2012 Journal of Tax Credits New Markets Tax Credits
04/01/2014 KPBS People Who Are Still Uninsured May Turn To Community Clinics
07/10/2013 KPBS Radio News San Diego Health Centers Get Federal Grants To Enroll People In New Plans
03/10/2010 Latin American Herald Tribune Census Bureau Enlists Dora the Explorer
02/11/2013 Latina Two Latinas Will Receive Citizens Medals
12/14/2014 Linea Directa Postpartum Depression in the Latino Community
10/26/2011 Market Watch Mary's Center Health Clinics in Nation's Capital Receive Financial Injection from U.S. Bank and City First Bank of DC
02/14/2014 Maryland SHIP "Health Action" Newsletter Community Health Resources Commission Awards Grants to Expand Health Care Access and Reduce Hospital Admissions/Readmissions
10/28/2011 Metro Latino USA Mary’s Center se extiende a Prince George’s
03/01/2012 Metro Latino USA Text4baby and Connecting Kids to Coverage Team Up to Support American Family Health
10/21/2009 Metrolatino Crisis impacta programas contra violencia doméstica
07/09/2009 Metrolatino La Clí­nica Mary's Center celebra primer aniversario en Maryland
04/13/2012 Metrolatino USA Romántica 900am Hosts Radiothon to Benefit Mary's Center
02/01/2012 Metrolatino USA La clínica Mary’s Center expande servicios en Maryland
09/13/2012 MetroLatino USA Mary’s Center and United Health Foundation Increase Access to Children’s Dental Care in Maryland
10/17/2012 MetroLatino USA Mary’s Center Celebrates its Annual Gala, Noche Tropical
09/18/2012 MetroLatino USA Mary’s Center Names Georgia Avenue Facility After its Founder and President Maria Gomez
02/08/2013 MetroLatino USA President Obama to Honor Maria Gomez and other Recipients of the 2012 Citizens Medal
10/02/2013 MetroLatino USA Mary’s Center Gets Ready to Help with Obamacare
05/18/2012 Metrolatino USA News New Family Health Care Center in Prince George’s County Meets Urgent Need for Medical Services
09/13/2012 MetroLatinoUSA Mary’s Center and United Health Foundation Increase Access to Children’s Dental Care in Maryland
02/15/2013 msn.noticias Enfermera colombiana y maestra boricua muerta en la escuela Newtown reciben la "Medalla Presidencial"
03/31/2014 Mundo Fox Centenares de personas se inscriben a ObamaCare en centros
02/07/2014 MundoFox TV Cómo Registrarse en Obamacare
02/11/2013 NACHC Blog A Health Center Leader to Receive White House Honors
02/08/2013 NBC Latino Maria Gomez and the late Victoria Soto to be honored by President Obama
02/15/2013 NBC Latino Maria Gomez and Victoria Soto are honored with the 2012 Presidential Citizens Medal
10/19/2013 NBC News Community health centers get ready for their Obamacare close-up
12/19/2014 NBC News Border Kids Relief Project Launches #Kings4BorderKids Holiday Drive
08/18/2011 NBC Washington NBC Recognizes Nonprofits That Help Kids
02/16/2013 NBC Washington Two Locals Receive Presidential Citizens Medal
03/01/2012 NBC4 Bernice Fonteneau Senior Wellness Anniversary
05/17/2012 NBC4 Doug Delivers Forecast From Mary's Center Golf Tournament
10/08/2013 NBC4 D.C. Charities Reduce Services Amid Shutdown
10/01/2013 NBC4 Help With Health Care
11/04/2014 NBC4 Immunization Deadline Looms for Prince George's Students
10/01/2015 NBC4 Nearly 2,000 Unvaccinated Students Turned Away From Md. Schools
09/17/2015 Hispanic Heritage Awards Celebrate Diverse Latino Achievements
08/20/2015 New America Ed Prioritizing Family Engagement to Support DDLs
08/27/2014 New York Times Nonprofit Hospitals’ 2013 Revenue Lowest Since Recession, Report Says
12/13/2011 Newswise $250,000 in Grants to Help Families Prepare for College
05/18/2011 McNabb: Beck will 'do a good job' if made Redskins' starter
08/08/2014 NPR Trauma Plagues Many Immigrant Kids In U.S. Illegally
06/01/2012 NPR Planned Parenthood Issue Haunts Komen's Races
07/01/2013 NPR You Ask, We Answer: Demystifying The Affordable Care Act
04/01/2014 NPR People Who Are Still Uninsured May Turn To Community Clinics
09/25/2015 NPR D.C. School Takes New Approach To Fighting Poverty: Teaching Parents & Kids
08/19/2012 NPR - All Things Considered Teen Pregnancy Declines, But U.S. Still Lags
05/12/2013 NPR Radio 'More Than A Count,' Infant Mortality Is Societal Struggle
05/20/2013 NPR Radio Advocates Struggle To Reach Growing Ranks Of Suburban Poor
11/04/2013 NPR Radio Adding Up The Cost Of Low Literacy Among Adults
11/04/2014 NPR Radio The Suburbs Are the New Epicenter of Poverty
12/06/2012 NPR's Tell me More Baby Bust: Why The U.S. Birth Rate Is Declining
11/17/2010 Orlando Sentinel Hispanic children are going hungry at a higher rate
04/05/2011 PBS News Hour Latino Weight Boom on the Horizon
08/28/2014 PBS NewsHour with Judy Woodruff On the front lines of care for undocumented children who cross the border
03/17/2013 Politic365 Maria Gomez, Community Health Care Visionary, Awarded Citizen's Medal
12/31/2013 Politico Hospitals see gradual Obamacare growth
09/13/2012 Prince George's County Maryland Website County Executive Baker, Prince George's County Board of Education, Mobile Health Care Providers and NBC4 Announced Convoy of Care
10/01/2012 Prince of Petworth Noche Tropical Mary's Center gala
02/16/2013 Redes Colombia President Obama to Honor Recipients of the 2012 Citizens Medal: Colombian María Gómez
05/18/2011 McNabb: No Problem With Beck's Comments
11/18/2009 EU pide ayuda a comunidad hispana contra enfermedades
10/29/2010 Silver Spring Patch Mary's Center To Open Takoma Park Clinic
12/29/2010 Silver Spring Patch Mary's Center To Open Takoma Park Clinic
08/09/2013 Safeway Foundation distributes more than $100,000 to Mid-Atlantic charities
05/24/2011 Street Sense Mary's Center Opens New Building
06/22/2011 Street Sense High-Scale Food Helps out Homeless
10/02/2014 Street Sense Local Provider Expands in Effort to Keep up with Wave of Border Children
04/14/2015 Summit Report on Central American Children Seeking Refuge A Washington, DC Regional Response to Support Children Fleeing Violence
02/15/2013 Telemundo Latina recibe reconocimiento presidencial
04/18/2013 Telemundo Padres e hijos aprenden en la misma escuela comunitaria
03/31/2014 Telemundo Último día para inscribirse a la reforma de salud
08/14/2014 Telemundo Washington Mas niños inmigrantes llegan a la capital
02/20/2015 Telemundo Washington Cientos de Familias Recibirán Bolsas de Amor
05/01/2012 Telemundo/Hola Ciudad Romántica 900am y Mary's Center se unen en RAdiotón
05/31/2011 The Bisnow Scene Mary's Center
11/04/2011 The Daily Record Real Estate Weekly – 11/4/11
01/24/2011 The Gazette Washington Adventist will open low-income clinic as part of health village in Takoma Park
07/15/2009 The Gazette One year, 2,500 patients served
05/24/2012 The Gazette New health center holds grand opening in Adelphi
09/13/2012 The Gazette Prince George’s County and health care providers team up for student care
11/20/2012 The Gazette Long Branch Healthy Enterprise Zone proposal focuses on diabetes prevention, education
08/19/2013 The Gazette Montgomery preparing for Affordable Care Act enrollment
02/24/2015 The Gazette Prince George’s County, hospital unveil mobile health clinic
11/04/2010 The Georgetown Dish GU Law scores big on Gray transition team
03/28/2011 The Georgetown Newsletter Alumna Helps Immigrants Get Free Health Care
04/28/2014 The Healthcare Policy Podcast ACA and Innovation: Mary's Center's Efforts to Improve Population Health: A Conversation with Gina Pistulka (April 28th)
03/27/2011 The Huffington Post The Coming Latino Weight Boom
06/29/2010 The Huffington Post A National Stand to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
10/17/2012 The Huffington Post A Proven Model for Reversing Health Inequalities in Our Nation's Capital
11/08/2012 The Huffington Post Congratulations, President Obama! Our Work Will Continue Stronger Now More Than Ever
02/09/2013 The Huffington Post Two Latinas, Victoria Soto and Maria Gomez, Will Receive Citizens Medal
12/08/2014 The Huffington Post Competent, Caring Staff Crucial to Program Success
02/15/2013 The Huffington Post Voces Obama condecora a activista colombiana María Gómez
05/18/2011 The Insider - The Washington Post McNabb: No problem with Beck’s comments
12/13/2013 The Nation Magazine This Week in Poverty: Signing Off
01/06/2014 The New Bayoubuzz Health spending rose slowly in 2012 — thanks to recession, not Obama
01/01/2014 The Northwest Current Day of service work spruced up facility
08/28/2014 The Northwest Current Advocates Seeking Legal Aid for Undocumented Minors
10/08/2013 The Republic Some DC charities reduce services, furlough workers as funding runs out due to shutdown
10/13/2010 The Scene Bisnow Noche Tropical
05/27/2010 The Scene Bisnow Mary’s Center Baby Shower Fundraiser
05/22/2011 The Scene Bisnow Mary's Center
05/16/2012 The Seattle Times Minority infants now in majority, U.S. census data show
10/25/2011 The Mary’s Center Health Clinics In Nation’s Capital Receive Financial Injection From U.S. Bank And City First Bank Of DC
08/23/2009 The Times Online Michelle Obama: She has a dream
06/05/2013 The Wall Street Journal MAXIMUS Foundation Supports Local Non-Profit Organizations Serving Disadvantaged Populations
11/24/2011 The Washington Examiner 'Byte Back' takes a bite out of D.C.'s jobless rate
09/30/2011 The Washington Hispanic Vacunarse Contra el Flu Puede Evitar la Muerte
11/04/2011 The Washington Hispanic Mary's Center Celebró Noche Tropical
02/17/2012 The Washington Hispanic Niños piden a senadores no eliminar crédito tributario
01/27/2012 The Washington Hispanic No Pongan en Riesgo el Seguro de Alianza
12/30/2011 The Washington Hispanic Una Saludable Reflexión de Fin de Año
03/02/2012 The Washington Hispanic Madres Reciben Mensajes de Textos Sobre su Salus y la de sus Bebes
05/25/2011 The Washington Informer Mary's Center Opens in Ward 4
05/21/2011 The Washington Informer DC DOH Partnerships to Decrease Tobacco Use
09/10/2011 The Washington Informer M&T Charitable Foundation Grants Mary's Center $100.000 to Support Its New $4 Million Campaign
09/14/2011 The Washington Informer M&T Awards $100K to Mary's Center
03/13/2013 The Washington Informer Maria Gomez, Mary Center’s Visionary and Engine
02/17/2011 The Washington Post Historical Society exhibit will honor 19 people and groups
11/03/2010 The Washington Post Gray to Name Transition Team
10/12/2010 The Washington Post Mental health providers grapple with Medicaid expansion
06/15/2010 The Washington Post Spanish bank plans to open first U.S. office in D.C. next year
05/19/2010 The Washington Post State dinner includes leaders of Mary’s Center, Miriam’s Kitchen, Martha’s Table
10/19/2011 The Washington Post D.C. won’t cooperate with federal immigration enforcement
05/06/2012 The Washington Post Springtime is primetime in the charity world
09/12/2012 The Washington Post Prince George’s bringing medical, dental services to more students
11/01/2012 The Washington Post Mary's Center Celebrates Its Annual Noche Tropical Gala
11/29/2012 The Washington Post U.S. birth rate plummets to its lowest level since 1920
02/15/2013 The Washington Post Obama recognizes Newtown victims with Presidential Citizens Medal
06/06/2013 The Washington Post Charities preparing for local donors to ‘Do More’
06/27/2013 The Washington Post Deal pending on Chartered Health Plan’s unpaid bills
07/12/2013 The Washington Post ‘I don’t want to be part of the welfare system’: The problem of Obamacare enrollment
07/14/2013 The Washington Post Future US economic competitiveness increasingly tied to well-being of minority children
08/22/2013 The Washington Post Chartered Health Plan settles with District
09/26/2013 The Washington Post Michelle Obama’s Washington
09/26/2013 The Washington Post Michelle Obama’s Washington: Pictures
08/27/2013 The Washington Post D.C. awards six community schools grants
04/08/2014 The Washington Post MedStar faces tensions with community clinics over primary-care expansion in District
06/18/2014 The Washington Post District residents find long delays getting health insurance from private plans
04/08/2014 The Washington Post Mary’s Center is anxious as hospital giant expands across region
09/07/2014 The Washington Post D.C.-area schools scramble to meet the emotional needs of undocumented children
10/01/2014 The Washington Post Infant mortality ticks up in D.C.; officials insist federal cuts won’t harm response
12/31/2014 The Washington Post The season of giving — down to the last tax-deductible minute
11/07/2014 The Washington Post Former mayors, community leaders named to Bowser transition team
12/24/2014 The Washington Post Local ‘Holiday Angels’ served the needy, comforted the afflicted in the region
09/04/2015 The Washington Post Price to jump for most popular health plan on Maryland insurance exchange
09/09/2015 The Washington Post A year after border surge, Salvadoran family tries to adapt to life in Maryland
09/20/2015 The Washington Post For illegal immigrants with babies, the anchor pulls in many directions
11/09/2011 The Washington Scene Noche Tropical Gala
02/08/2013 The White House President Obama to Honor Recipients of the 2012 Citizens Medal
02/15/2013 The White House
02/08/2013 The White House The 2012 Presidential Citizens Medal: Informing the recipients
10/13/2010 The White House Blog HHS Partnership Center Attends Mary's Center Back to School Health Fair
02/15/2013 The White House Blog President Obama Presents the 2012 Presidential Citizens Medal
08/30/2013 Trinity Magazine Maria Gomez: Creating a Model of Social Change
02/28/2012 Univision Servicio de Mensajeria de Textos para Ayudar a Madres
02/15/2013 Univision Obama Entregó Medalla Presidencial a Dos Latinas
04/18/2013 Univision Nuevo centro educativo de Mary’s Center
03/31/2014 Univision Faltan horas para conseguir un nuevo seguro medico bajo el sistema Obamacare
06/11/2014 Univision Enfatizan El Cuidado de la Salud Entre Latinos
08/22/2014 Univision Aun Puede Obtener Obamacare
08/22/2014 Univision Aun Puede Obtener Obamacare
09/14/2015 Univision 400 mil inmigrantes pierden Obamacare
03/12/2012 Univision Washington Clinica asistira a cerca de 6-mil pacientes anualmente
05/10/2012 Univision Washington Radioton a favor de Mary's Center
05/16/2012 Univision Washington Mary's Center abrio una nueva clinica en Prince George
03/31/2014 Univision Washington Ultimo día de inscripción para Obamacare
06/26/2014 Univision Washington Peligros de Fuegos Artificiales
07/28/2014 Univision Washington Es vital que los padres sepan inglés para el desarrollo académico de los niños
11/14/2014 Univision Washington Madres de Soñadores con Congresistas
02/19/2015 Univision Washington Cuidado con el frío
04/19/2012 US Department of Health and Human Services A Tried and Tested Approach to Reversing Minority Health Disparities in our Nation's Capital
02/08/2013 USA Today Obama to award citizens medal
06/08/2011 VPP News Special Guests and Announcements at Grand Opening of New Site
07/01/2011 VPP News Mary's Center Starts Summer with Brand New Headquarters
02/19/2013 VPP News Maria Gomez Awarded Citizens Medal By President Obama
01/10/2012 WAMU Mary's Center Debuts Bilingual Health Kiosk
08/01/2012 WAMU 88.5 With New Women's Health Care Provision In Effect, Clinics Free Up Resources
08/01/2014 WAMU 88.5 Schools, Social Services Feel the Heat Amid Influx Of Central American Children
01/08/2013 WAMU 88.5 Community Minute: Health care services for uninsured and underinsured families in the District
04/18/2013 WAMU 88.5 High Price For Low Literacy
12/26/2013 WAMU 88.5 Community Art Projects Endure Even After Holiday Season Ends
03/31/2014 WAMU 88.5 37,000 D.C. Residents Have Signed Up For Health Insurance Through Exchange
09/16/2009 WAMU 88.5 FM September is Hispanic Heritage Month
03/15/2011 Washington Business Journal Five new appointees complete UMC board
11/03/2010 Washington Business Journal DC Mayor-Elect Names Transition Team
04/19/2010 Washington Business Journal Spanish Bank Caja Navarra wants to establish ‘civic banking’ in D.C. region
07/11/2013 Washington Business Journal Clinics get funding to promote insurance options under Obamacare
10/08/2013 Washington Business Journal Charities in the District scale back services during shutdown
06/06/2014 Washington Business Journal Northwest D.C's Mary's Center uses happy hour to sell itself as 'socially responsible' primary care choice
03/14/2014 Washington Business Journal MedStar faces continued pushback from primary care providers in bid to open Skyland medical center
08/14/2014 Washington Business Journal MedStar was seen as the behemoth that might put primary care clinics out of business. So what’s suddenly changing?
08/15/2014 Washington Business Journal This is how much it’s costing one D.C health center to treat influx of 'unaccompanied minors’ from Central America
09/11/2015 Washington Business Journal Women Who Mean Business Maria Gomez CEO and founder, Mary’s Center
10/08/2013 Washington City Paper Shutdown Could Force One D.C. Medical Provider to Stop Serving Low-Income Patients
11/07/2014 Washington City Paper Bowser Announces Transition Team, Wants Council to Limit New Gray Appointees
12/29/2011 Washington Examiner Five Easy Pieces in D.C. Affairs for 2011
01/10/2012 Washington FAMILY Magazine Mary's Center Featured in Washington FAMILY Magazine
07/10/2009 Washington Hispanic Mary’s Center de Maryland celebra primer aniversario
05/20/2011 Washington Hispanic Mary's Center Sigue Creciendo
07/01/2011 Washington Hispanic Mary’s Center vuelve a abrir en Adams Morgan
07/15/2011 Washington Hispanic Jóvenes se preparan para su futuro profesional
09/16/2011 Washington Hispanic Banco Dona 100 mil dólares a Mary's Center
10/29/2011 Washington Hispanic Mary’s Center recibe $ 1.5 millones
01/18/2012 Washington Hispanic Mary’s Center presenta el primer kiosko interactivo de salud
05/18/2012 Washington Hispanic Mary's Center Inaugura Nuevo Centro
02/15/2013 Washington Hispanic Casa Blanca galardona a María Gómez con Medalla Ciudadana
02/22/2013 Washington Hispanic La salud como inspiración a la Medalla Presidencial
08/16/2013 Washington Hispanic Mary’s Center recibe fondos por $720.000
11/08/2013 Washington Hispanic Mary's Center Noche Tropical Gala
02/14/2014 Washington Hispanic Mary’s Center recibe fondo para que haya niños saludables
12/27/2013 Washington Hispanic Reflexiones Saludables de Fin de Año by Maria Gomez
08/22/2014 Washington Hispanic Mary's Center Asiste a 500 Niños de la Frontera
10/24/2014 Washington Hispanic Noche Tropical, un "Paseo por Latino América" de Mary's Center
05/15/2015 Washington Hispanic Dan $3,1 millones para cuidado materno-infantil
10/23/2009 Washington Hispanic SaludGuía La Crisis Económica Incrementa la Violencia Doméstic- María Gómez
08/14/2009 Washington Hispanic SaludGuía Celebre la vida, luche contra el cáncer- María Gómez
11/01/2014 Washington Life Magazine Mary's Center Latin-Themed Gala (page 68)
02/25/2009 Washington Post D.C. Students Among Guests in Obama Box
11/05/2011 Washington Post Q&A: D.C. restaurateur Alan Popovsky discusses philanthropy
02/28/2012 Washington Post CareFirst to give $8.5 million in grants to safety-net clinics
05/17/2012 Washington Post Census: Minority babies are now majority in United States
09/12/2012 Washington Post Prince George’s bringing medical, dental services to more students
10/10/2013 Washington Post Charities furlough employees, brace for the worst
10/01/2013 Washington Post Computer glitches prevent health-insurance enrollment for D.C. family
05/15/2009 Washington Times Mrs. Obama Visits Students as Motivator in Chief
09/24/2010 Washingtonian Magazine 45 Who Shaped Washington
08/05/2014 Washingtonian Magazine Mary's Center Noche Tropical Annual Gala
09/12/2012 WJLA7 Mobile program to offer free medical services to Prince George's County students
05/18/2011 Catania Attends Mary’s Center in Ward 4 Grand Opening
05/17/2011 Mary's Center opens new site in Ward 4, tomorrow at 10:00 am