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Prenatal Care in the Hands of Midwives

Why did I become a Midwife? I could not have known that my very, very early experience (my own birth) would eventually inspire me to become a Midwife, but it did!

Medical preparations before moving to the US

By Christian Cornejo, MD, FAAP

Bringing family members from your country of origin to the US is exciting. Here are a few tips to make the health transition to this country easier.

It can take a lot of time to get all these documents and information, but it's worth it. It's good to start well before the date of departure.

Know your blood group? It could save your life!

By Vivian Cativo, Nurse Manager Ontario location

You should know your blood group like you know your phone number! You should be able to give it to medical personnel immediately when there is an emergency or accident, or if you need a transfusion or surgery.

There are different blood groups O+, A+, B+, AB+, O-, A-, B- and AB-.

The most common is O+ and then A+. If you have either of these blood types, you are much more likely than people who have the other blood types to be able to get blood0 when you need it.

Asthma in Kids

By Cheryl Focht, MD, FAAP

Asthma in kids is a very common problem, not only here in the city, but in the United States in general, unfortunately.

Asthma is a spectrum of diseases, from kids who only cough when they run around, when they get sick or during certain seasons, to kids who cough all the time and need to take medication every day, and kids who may need to be admitted to the hospital sometimes to get stronger medication to get their asthma under control.

Getting the most out of your doctor's visit

By Gita Agarwal, MD

Doctor’s visits are much shorter than they used to be many years ago. As a patient, you have to be prepared in order to make the most of your visit and leave the doctor’s office with all your questions answered. Here are a few tips:

If you can’t come for your appointment, be sure to call and cancel or reschedule.



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