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health care,
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Mary's Center Blog

What My Appa Means To Me - A Father's Day Tribute

On Father’s Day we honor our dads or those who filled the role of dad in our lives.  Enjoy this beautiful tribute by Janani Ramachandran, Social Services Coordinator at Mary’s Center. (Appa means Dad in Janani's native language, Tamil)

Mary's Center Gave Her Help and Hope

Veronica says Mary’s Center’s Early Intervention Program for Children with Special Needs was a godsend, giving her hope and connecting her and her precious son to the services they desperately needed when no one else seemed able to help.

Your Mental Health Matters!

Taking care of our mental and emotional life is not so different than taking care of our body, says Susan Fleischmann, a Senior Clinical Manager with Mary's Center's Behavioral Health department.



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