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What My Father Meant To Me by Jeffrey Scott

On Father’s Day we honor our dads or those who filled the role of dad in our lives. Jeffrey Scott, a Purchasing and Inventory Clerk at Mary’s Center, pays tribute to his late father, who taught him valuable life lessons.

July 12th, 1988 was the day we first met, the day I was born. Ever since my childhood, I have always wanted to walk in my father’s shoes. He guided my younger sister and me through the peaks and valleys during our coming of age. We would always joke about him being a Mr. Know-It-All, since he was well-read and well-traveled. My father was a very honest and hardworking blue collar man. As a Maintenance Engineer, he took pride in his work and was very good with his hands. He loved to pull me away from playing to teach me how to be self-reliant. I now understand that was his way to say that there is a time for work and a time for recreation.  I learned a lot from him: how to use tools, how to find my way around a computer, and how to take care of your own property so you would not have to pay someone else to do it.

He believed in having integrity. He taught me to just do the right thing, not because you are looking for an award or acknowledgement. Accountability was his major virtue. He taught me that always being honest is better than being disingenuous. If you were caught red-handed there was no reason to talk your way out.

The things I admired most about him was his persistence and patience. He never quit on his children. He was always there to encourage us. He was also a very caring individual and extended his generosity to others — even if they did not appreciate it.

My father pushed my sister and me to be successful. If college was not an option, there was always the military - my parents had served in the Air Force - or vocational school.  Coming from poverty, my mom and dad never wanted us to go through what they had been through. Education was a major focal point growing up. They endlessly pushed us to be the best and that was something I admired both of them for.

I sincerely appreciated him being there for my sister and me while many of our friends never knew their fathers. I am grateful to him giving us good memories from trips to amusement parks, family gatherings, and so much more. He always loved being the life of the party. Maybe that is what rubbed off on me.

I often look back on June 17th, 2008 – the day we had our last conversation. I remember him telling me why he never told us he was terminally ill with lung cancer. He did not want his family to be worried or burdened, since my sister and I were going off to college. I was broken the moment he told me, but I understood why he kept it a secret. It was the pride in his character and acceptance of the consequences of his earlier decisions in life, like smoking. His final words were, “Son, no matter what happens in life you have to walk with your head held high. Always work hard and make sacrifices to achieve your goals. You cannot live a comfortable life and expect success. You have to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty first. Remember to remain patient and take no shortcuts.”

I do not know where I would be without my father. He was truly inspirational in teaching me to be the man I am today. He will forever remain in my prayers and thoughts. I love and miss him dearly even to this day. I am thankful to him for pushing me to strive to be great in life. I remember reflecting on many of the conversations we had as I have achieved my first post-secondary educational accomplishment this month, an information technology certification. Even though this is just the first step, I realize that my dad’s words remain true and I will continue to work hard to succeed. Thank you Dad, and may you rest in paradise. 

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