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What My Father Means To Me by DJ Tatro

On Father’s Day we honor our dads or those who filled the role of dad in our lives. DJ Tatro, an IT Support Engineer/EMR Support Specialist at Mary’s Center, pays tribute to his father.

When I graduated from The University of Mary Washington in June of 2014, the last place I expected to end up was at Mary's Center, where my dad, David Tatro Sr., currently works as our Chief Operations Officer. However, the experiences and friends I have enjoyed have shaped my life in ways I never thought possible, and I am happy to still be here to this day, doing my small part to forward our Mission and goals for our community.

The support and love that my dad and I share goes beyond work however! Growing up, I became a fan of the Minnesota Vikings, continuing a family tradition of fandom that stretches back into the 1970s when my parents were watching Fran Tarkenton lead the Purple to three Super Bowl berths. My favorite memory that we share falls in line with this shared love for the Vikings.

In January 2009, my dad and I traveled up to Minnesota to watch the Vikings play the Dallas Cowboys in a Divisional Playoff game. The excitement and energy of the crowd as we won by more than 25 points is a moment I will never forget, and is a subject we talk about together to this day.

That memory exemplifies the character of David. He is a family man who has done and will do everything to make those close to him comfortable and happy. This extends to Mary's Center as well, as his passion and work ethic have helped Mary's Center grow to the heights we all currently enjoy, and in the end, provide better and more comprehensive services to a population that needs it so much.

Looking back, I wouldn't be the man I am today without his guidance. I am thankful every day to have a figure like David in my life through all the good times and the bad. Working at Mary's Center with my dad wasn't where I thought I would be, but today I can't imagine a life somewhere else. 

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