These Are Your Neighbors. And they are AT RISK.

Dear Friends,

Who in your life stands to lose their health care if the Affordable Care Act is repealed?

At Mary’s Center, just about all of our poor, working adults.

Plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are in full swing. On May 4th, a bill to revise the ACA was passed. The impact of this measure on the well-being of families and individuals is worrisome and devastating, and it could cause economic instability, psychological trauma, and family dissolution.

Since the approval of the ACA, Mary’s Center has been a key resource for individuals and families, assisting them with navigating the system, enrolling, and understanding the benefits of their newly acquired insurance status. For most adults, this was the first time they could afford health insurance. Our participants no longer face the dilemma of whether to pay for food or medicines. They can afford both.

This paradigm shift in our delivery of care has saved lives. Many people with pre-existing conditions and severe illnesses are now covered under a commercial insurance plan, and entire families qualify for Medicaid, after the program’s expansion.  Since October 2013, Mary’s Center has enrolled over 7,000 individuals in a health plan. For our communities, having access to insurance means people are in the workforce more days, they can afford stable housing with better schools and parks, and have room in their budgets for healthier foods. 

Health insurance is more than an insurance card. It is a second chance at life for those we serve and who in turn serve us in our daily lives: the server at our favorite restaurant, the cashier at our neighborhood grocery store, our babysitter, our gym staff and possibly our very own 25 year old son or daughter trying to build their professional career.

The time to support our neighbors is now.  We ask you to take action and financially support services for those most vulnerable in the community. In 2016, Mary’s Center provided $5M of free services to make sure families had health care, housing, and employment opportunities. Your gift to Mary's Center, no matter the size, will ensure that we can continue providing life-changing services and resources regardless of policy changes.

You can also join our monthly sustainer program, Champions of Care. Recurring gifts multiply your impact and provide stability for the programs and services our families rely on throughout the year. We can empower our neighbors in need to look towards a healthy and brighter future, and help them achieve their goals and dreams.

We are forever grateful to you for your partnership in our work. I know that together, we can continue to make a positive and life-sustaining impact on our community. 

In much solidarity,

Maria Gomez, RN, MPH

President and CEO


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