Protecting Our Community's Future

Dear Friends

The future of our community rests on our ability to build and maintain our region’s social infrastructure to support our neighbors in need and help them break the cycle of poverty and live their dreams.

For 29 years, Mary’s Center has been providing high-quality services to everyone who walks through our doors and this commitment has never been more tested than today. Our vision to build better futures is in peril as proposed policy reforms will decrease the amount of dollars set aside to invest in communities to prosper. These potential cuts in our local and federal governments have started to bring about economic instability, psychological trauma, and family dissolution for our neighbors throughout the Washington region.

Mary’s Center will be forced to cut some of our core programs: Home Visiting, affected; Early Intervention for Children with Special Needs, affected; Early Head Start, affected; nutrition programs, affected; Medicaid expansion, affected. These programs are a lifeline for the people we proudly serve. Without help from Mary’s Center, the expectant parents of a child with special needs will not be able to get home visiting services to prepare them for the arrival of their baby and those same parents will not be able to find space in Early Head Start to give their child a fighting chance. While these programs save lives, they also give parents the knowledge and the resources to get back to work, which enables them to find a path to the middle class. These programs are successful; we have seen the transformation in our community over the last three decades. Narrowing the socio-economic divide is always at the center of all of Mary’s Center’s work.  

Our region will thrive if we make sure that everyone in our community has the resources to live a healthy and joyful life and to realize their full potential.

The time to support our neighbors in need is now. We ask you to take action and financially support services for those most vulnerable in the community. In 2016, Mary’s Centerprovided $5M of free services to make sure families had health care, housing, and employment opportunities. Your gift to Mary’s Center, no matter the size, will ensure that we can continue providing life-changing services and resources regardless of policy changes. We can empower our neighbors in need to look towards a healthy and brighter future, and help them achieve their goals and dreams.

I know we share the same values and I’d like to thank you for your commitment and dedication. In the face of potentially drastic changes that will restrict access to life-changing social support, we need your partnership now more than ever.

Together, we can make a difference. 

With gratitude,

Maria Gomez, RN, MPH

President  & CEO 

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