Letter to Santa

Mary’s Center’s staff members have many talents! Not only are they highly-qualified and compassionate providers of healthcare, education and social services, but they are also actors, singers, magicians and poets. One example is Jacqueline Mallet-Cedeno, a Registered Nurse who serves as our Managed Care Organization Panel Nurse Manager. A mother of four, Jacqueline wrote this humorous but spiritual poem to bring holiday cheer and inspiration to us all. Happy Holidays!


Letter to Santa

by Jacqueline Mallet-Cedeno


Dear Santa,


I know it’s been a while since I’ve sent you a list

But I hope you will read straight down to the gist:


For Christmas I do not want any purchased presents

I want only those things that money can’t bond

From my children I ask the gift of their presence

My treasure trove, in this life and beyond.  


Although I’m not their peer and not nearly as fun,

To me, spending time with my kids is the best,

And I won’t complain if they say, “Yessss mother”  but really mean, “Yes, smother”

Someday with therapy I’ll ease off, at best!


Santa, I pray my list gets to you,

May every parent get their wish granted too,

Mind if I resend a few times throughout the year?

I hope it’s received all in good cheer

As life is a gift that is so rarely opened

Until latches are locked and sashes are tokens

Of what has once been, and of hearts that are broken.


May the spirit of these holidays be relived every day

May forgiveness, peace and kindness reign along their way,

Let not tears in one eye blur the smiles of the other

May God’s Divine Light shine and guide them forever,

Keep the fire of Love roaring in their hearts

And know that from mine, they’ll NEVER be apart.


About Jacqueline Mallet-Cedeno, RN

Jacqueline Mallet-CedenoOriginally from Haiti, Ms. Mallet speaks French, Haitian Creole, English and Spanish. She received her nursing degree from Montgomery College. In her free time, she enjoys teaching her kids the value of giving through volunteering for Haitian non-profit organizations and Habitat for Humanity. Her other hobbies include gardening, home renovations, antiques, road trips with her kids, learning new languages, and trying new cultural foods at cozy and quaint restaurants. Ms. Mallet says: "I love Mary's Center for many reasons but the most important to me is that we have our patient's and each other's best interests at heart. Mary's Center is the first organization where I have experienced a real family atmosphere combined with the common goal of providing the best holistic care to patients. Also, as an employee you are listened to, and in return this makes you want to give the best that you have to offer."



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