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Healthy Body, Healthy Wallet!

We all know that eating fruits and vegetables is good for us. So, why do we skip out on these oh –so-delicious and healthy treats? We asked Megan Mauer, Registered Dietitian at Mary’s Center, to give us some tips on building healthy eating habits.

Q: Is it true that healthy eating comes with a price?

A: Yes - it can.  But, eating well doesn’t have to hurt your wallet. My #1 tip is to “shop in season”.  You change your clothes each season so, why not change the fruits and vegetables you eat, too?  Eating in season can not only save you money, but also delight your taste buds!

Q: How do I know if something is in season?

A: The easiest way to know if something is in season is to look at the front of the grocery store where they stock the seasonal produce.  Since there is an abundance of in-season produce, growers try to get these items in and out as quickly as possible and stores will make it cheaper to entice you to buy it.

Q: Are farmers markets a good place to shop?

A: You’re guaranteed to have in-season, fresh produce at the farmers market.  Vendors love to talk to their customers and give out recipes and helpful tips as well, so take advantage and ask questions!  For more recipe ideas and helpful tips to stay healthy, check out the Mary’s Center blog.

Q: What if my favorite fruit or vegetable is out of season?

A: Fresh, frozen, and canned produce ALL fit into a healthy diet!  Frozen and canned fruits can sometimes be cheaper, too.  When selecting frozen items, check the ingredients. The only item listed should be the fruit(s) or vegetable(s). If you see sugar, salt or any other word listed, skip it, and move on to another brand, which contains just the fruit or vegetable. When selecting canned items, choose those with ‘no salt’ or in ‘100% juice’. These will be the healthiest and best options!

Check out this quick guide from Share Our Strength's Cooking Matters to see when your favorite produce is in season.


About Megan Mauer:

Megan Mauer, RD, LDN joined Mary’s Center as a WIC Nutritionist in December 2015. A Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist, she enjoys working with the diverse members of the Mary’s Center community. Megan got her BS in Nutrition from Virginia Tech and did her dietetic internship at the University of Delaware. Her interest in nutrition stems from youthful experiments in the kitchen and an active lifestyle which included team sports and running. Read more about Megan and the other dietitians at Mary’s Center.


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