"Everyone wins": DC Diaper Bank & Mary's Center

We could not do it alone! Mary's Center’s continued success is in great part because of our ability to build great community focused partnerships.

Every year, Mary’s Center partners with a nearly 100 or more other nonprofits, community-based organizations, state and federal agencies, hospitals, schools, managed care organizations, housing, and employment resources to ensure that all of our participant's needs are met. We cherish our collaborative relationships because together, we are making it possible for our neighbors to prosper and paving the path to success for those seeking it most. The DC Diaper Bank is one of those unwavering friends that we depend upon each and every month.

Mary’s Center receives 10,000 diapers a month. 234,475 diapers to date from the DC Diaper Bank! Plus matched numbers of wipes, diaper cream, menstrual products, bottles, formula, and a multitude of other hygiene supplies!

Corinne Cannon (pictured, right), Executive Director, DC Diaper Bank said: "Working with Mary's Center is wonderful - our missions align well and we are honored to provide a resource, diapers and hygiene supplies that we know the families Mary's Center need. We know that diapers help families reach out and stay connected to ongoing programming at MC.  Basic needs covered and families connected to supportive medical care and case management - everyone wins."  

Diapers are distributed at Mary’s Center during medical visits, at WIC, Briya, and Home Visiting services. As well as at the highly-anticipated quarterly Baby Shower offered to 40-50 + expecting mothers in their last trimester that receive prenatal care and/or are in participating programs. Because of partners such as the DC Diaper Bank, participants receive diapers, supplies, and layettes full of goodies for the newborn babies. Providing MC the vehicle for our medical providers and Social Services staff to gain face-to-face time with the soon-to-be parents and an opportunity to discuss topics like what to expect when they go to the hospital to deliver their baby, how to handle baby's first days at home, and continued education and nutrition for both baby and mother. The Baby showers also give expecting parents the opportunity to connect with one another; to make new friends and build a support system for future success.

We thank you, dear partners and DC Diaper Bank for your trust, passion, hard-work and steadfast commitment to this district!   It truly takes a village and we are deeply grateful for those of you in ours! Go to:  to learn more about Mary’s Center’s other partners and DC Diaper Bank at: To get involved with Mary’s Center’s Baby Showers and other volunteer opportunities, email:


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