How to Make A Fun (and Healthy) Easter Basket Kids Will Love!

Easter is here! The stores are filled with candy, marshmallows, and chocolate bunnies. But why not give your kids something healthy and fun for Easter that lasts longer than candy?

Here are some great suggestions from Paige Zaitlin, one of Mary’s Center’s dietitians:

  • Try stocking your kids’ Easter baskets with art supplies like coloring books, crayons, sidewalk chalk, or watercolor paints. They’ll be able to enjoy their fun supplies long after Easter ends. You can even encourage them to make a special arts and crafts project to remember their Easter celebration!
  • Great, affordable options for toys include puzzles, games, stuffed animals, and storybooks.
  • Fill Easter eggs with little party favors that you can find at the dollar store.
  • Toys that encourage kids to go outside and play are great for Easter baskets. Stuff Frisbees, bubbles, and fun sunglasses into their baskets.
  • For a sweet treat, pack yogurt chips into their baskets.
  • Fresh fruit and berries taste great and add some color to the basket, too. Cut them into fun shapes your kids will love!
  • Finally, because everybody loves a little chocolate, try making your own chocolate-covered strawberries by simply melting semi-sweet chocolate or chocolate chips and drizzling them over the berries. Yum!

So, start a new tradition this Easter! Your kids will love their new toys and their healthy, but tasty treats! Happy Easter!

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